Joe Biden's Growing List of Failures


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Aug 20, 2003
And remember, there is no increase in crime.

Finally, it is worth commenting on Biden's character. Biden is prone not just to embellishing the truth, but to outright lying. His campaign lied about his son Hunter's laptop—saying that well-substantiated reports of its contents was Russian disinformation. He lied about Hunter's business dealings, including possible influence peddling, with the Chinese. He lied about what Donald Trump said regarding the Charlottesville protests. He lied about Kyle Rittenhouse, claiming the teenager was a white supremacist before his trial even began. Throughout his political career, he has plagiarized and told whoppers about things he is supposed to have done (but didn't do).

Biden has attained virtually no successes as president. But as the above list attests, he has produced a lifetime's worth of major failures in less than a year.