Is Every Corrupt Democrat Move Donald Trump's Fault?


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Aug 20, 2003
Of course.... lmfao...

If Donald Trump didn’t exist, corrupt Democrats would have had to invent him.

A year out of office, he remains the Great Satan, the world’s worst person, forever responsible for everything bad that ever happens to them, including getting their hands caught in the cookie jar.

Just ask Marilyn Mosby, the newly indicted state’s attorney in Baltimore, the pride of Dorchester and a METCO graduate of both Dover-Sherborn High School and Boston College Law School.

She was just charged by a federal grand jury with perjury and lying on bank-loan applications for her two vacation properties in Florida.

The crusading woke prosecutor was indicted for allegedly lying about a lien the IRS had placed on her property for $45,022 in unpaid taxes. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before about a Democrat politician.)

She’s also accused of falsely certifying that the recent virus caused her financial damage, which allowed her to dip into her retirement funds without penalty. In fact, when she was claiming hardship in 2020, under oath, she pocketed $247,955.58, which was an increase from the $238,772.04 she banked in 2019.

It’s a federal rap, and the U.S. attorney is a Black Democrat, a former Maryland legislator who works for a rabid partisan Democrat named Merrick Garland, who works for Dementia Joe Biden, who is … a Democrat.

But guess who this loyal Democrat is blaming for her alleged sticky fingers?

“Donald Trump called for me to be prosecuted several years ago,” she thundered on Friday, “and I fought back against his administration.”
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