In Honor and Memory of Major Stephen Reich

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Nov 27, 2012
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He was the nephew of a good friend of mine I met at Penn State and have been lifelong friends since. I met the Major only once, in August of 2001. He was one of the top anti terrorist experts and was a helicopter pilot for the Knight Stalkers, a little known Army unit that specializes in inserting special forces units into high risk action at night. They are the ones that usually drop in Rangers, Delta Force, Navy Seals and then bring them home.

While talking with him, another friend told him that he thought someday el Queda would attack the World Trade Center once again since they failed to take it down in the 90s. Little did we know that 9/11 would happen less than a month later.

He served several tours overseas in search of ben Laden and related terror groups. He inserted a team deep into Afghanistan in 2005. These guys were trapped in an ambush so Major Reich was part of the team that went to extract them. His helicopter was shot down, killing all 17 aboard, including Major Reich.

Only one man made it out......the subject of the movie Lone Survivor. It is the same battle that took the life of Lt Michael Murphy, a Penn State grad that was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions.

Major Reich was a tremendous baseball pitcher but choose West Point to serve his country. He was the subject of a series of half hour shows featuring athletes that went off to war. Below is the story of Major Stephen Reich, may he RIP.

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