I am watching CNN attack the design of our government.


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Jul 19, 2010
They are running a program this evening that attacks conservative Supreme Courts. They went back to the Great Depression era when a conservative court struck down many of FDR's laws, one of them being Social Security. FDR and the Congress threatened to dilute the court (by "court packing"), making it liberal, so the Court caved and approved what FDR wanted to do. Separation of powers? Doesn't seem like it.

Thus we have the Ponzi scheme of today, called Social Security, which can never be eliminated as a result of it being just that -- a Ponzi scheme.

CNN compared that court to the conservative majority of today's court, stating that there was hope for the court to become more consistent with the will of the people if just one justice would switch from conservative to liberal.

I found it very interesting that CNN justified the threat of court packing instead of promoting the process we have to amend the Constitution. If a law was unconstitutional the country still has the capability to make it constitutional. That is the process of amendment. Instead CNN sided with diluting states power in favor of the federal government's power -- the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Of course leftists don't want to go through the process of amendment because that takes ratification by the states. The Left doesn't like the fact that we have a federalist design, i.e., states are given powers that the Left, going back a century, does not want them to have. They want to force the liberal views over all states. That is what we are seeing today with Biden and this Congress. The next thing to get struck down -- the Filibuster. Libs want a slight majority to impose their will on a rather large minority.

CNN is clearly the voice of the Democratic Party. Every argument they are making leaves out critical details to make it appear that what Democrats want is justified and lawful. It is not. Watch Levin on Fox. Dems are attacking the Constitution bit by bit, and they could care less about the process we have in place for checks and balances, designed to ensure freedom and prevent tyranny.

There is a reason we have states and they have powers. It's a design to move governance closer to the will of the people.