Great news for BWI/McAndrew board regarding the Pa. Sports Network. New streaming website.

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    May 29, 2001
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    The "Pa. Sports Network" has now added a new streaming website to stream its Monday through Saturday radio broadcasts. That website is

    The reason I'm so excited about is that it is capable of accommodating more than 100,000 people through its streaming ability and the stream is not interrupted by any ads. That means there is no interruptions to the radio broadcast.

    Also, you are able to download's app for your computer and phone and have no difficulty whatsoever listening to the live broadcast of the radio show on your computer or phone after downloading the app.

    The link has already been inserted into my post that asks you to join this evening's Pa. Sports Network broadcast.

    I'm fully aware that if you go to it says the association between the Pa. Sports Network and will begin on Saturday, April 21, but I was informed late Friday [April 13] afternoon by Jed Donahue that began its association with the Pa. Sports Network with last Saturday's [April 14] Pa. Sports Saturday broadcast.
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    May 29, 2001
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    Website link

    Download App

    Mixlr - Social Live Audio by Mixlr

    PennSports.LIVE covers Big10, college and high school sports in and around Penn State.

    Coverage continues weekly featuring Jed Donahue and the PennSports.LIVE team with commentary and interviews.

    Subscribe at PENNSPORTS.LIVE to get EXCLUSIVE content all year round on your favorite sports including Penn State football.
    Enjoy! ;)

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