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Aug 1, 2007
Because Wrestling for Life is a small 501(C)(3) charity (EIN 47-4305471), we are only required to file a 990N with the IRS. That tells you almost nothing about how the year went.

December 2020 was by far the best fundraising month we ever had, primarily because of a very large gift from the Super 32. We ended 2020 with $11,814.00 in the bank. We raised $11, 433.66 in 2021, our poorest performance since 2014.

Here's how we spent your money:

Shoes purchased $14,544.21
Shoe shipping $1,335.17
Camp & training scholarships $2,900.00
NWCA DIII Sponsorship $2,000.00
Advertising $673.35
Donations $415.00
Entertainment $307.12
Travel $159.63
Supplies $50.71

Total spent $22,385.19

You will note that because of Covid, we didn't buy any tickets last year. You may also know that we are giving away the unused season tickets that were donated.

The $2,900 we spent on camp scholarships includes the Jack McNerney Memorial Scholarship that is funded entirely by Hawkeye Report posters and the McNerney family. It is fully funded through 2023.

The $2,000 DIII sponsorship is equivalent to what we usually spend on tickets to the championships, hopefully including this year.

The board is kicking around fundraising ideas for 2022, including a golf outing and an Alaskan moose hunting trip raffle.

I close by mentioning CowboyUp61's contributions. He has worked to find the best possible deals on shoes. Hundreds of kids benefited from him finding closeout and sale shoes. His NCAA championship challenge has been one of our best fundraisers. Look for it again as we near this year's event.