Former Nittany Lion BB Player Geno Thorpe Leaves Syracuse


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Dec 1, 2003
Old news but something I just heard. Former Nittany Lion BB player Geno Thorpe has left the Syracuse Orange as of Dec 1st. Geno was a grad transfer to Syracuse after playing one season at South Florida. Geno had previously transferred to South Florida from Penn State after the 2015 season.

Why did Geno leave Syracuse after only 6 games? Same reason as why he left Penn State back in 2015. Too little playing time. Thorpe was hoping to be part of a 3 man starting back court at Syracuse and that was not happening at this stage of the season. In addition, Thorpe found Boeheim to be a fiery personality that he clashed with, much like his interactions with Pat Chamber at Penn State.

Geno has dropped out of his one grad level class that he was taking at Syracuse and has left the university.