Dr. Malone On the Great Reset, Covid, Information Warfare, and The Massive Disproportionate Push For Vaccinations


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Apr 9, 2014
God bless whomever red pilled Dr. Malone. His eyes are fully open now.

Here’s another interview that’s related to what Dr. Malone talks about re: covid19 fear being the vehicle to usher in the great reset/global totalitarian control.

“Why has there been this massive disproportionate push for vaccination against a virus which, all things considered, is NOT that deadly?

For two years, as we have watched the various governments around the world pushing the COVID-19 vaccination, many have asked this question? The demand and effort is wildly disproportionate to the risk. So why has this vaccination program been so severely pushed, including the mandates and requirements that everyone must follow in order to participate in society? Why this scale of effort?

If controlling human activity is the goal, and yes, the various climate change and global planet survival frauds are at the heart of this effort, which would include the long-term goal of removing anonymous online or digital activity, then a larger reset to register all persons would require a massive global movement and need some justification. The pandemic provides that entry point. The COVID passport becomes the digital ID.

The virus provides the fear needed for a global vaccination program. The mandatory vaccination program then provides the tool for registration of identity. The registered identity then becomes the gateway for a digital identification… which, as outlined, is then used to register, monitor, track and ultimately control, a global population.

However, we enter a phase of hard-line non-compliance. Meaning, if the worry of the virus itself begins to subside, if people start to realize the fear is disproportionate to the risk, if people start to reject the vaccination program because the never-ending contrived fear of variants lead to a never-ending booster shot program to continue the registration demand, then something else is needed in the equation to continue the registration drive. That something else becomes the fear of another essential element for health, “food insecurity.” That appears to be the phase we are entering.

As we previously noted, the architects of the Build Back Better society (WEF) are guiding various governments on ways to create efficient registration and compliance systems, ie. ways that permit citizens to prove their vaccinated and compliant status. As these discussions are taking place, it is prudent to pause and think very carefully, wisely.

We all know, as we are reading this, under the guise of enhancing our safety, the U.S. Federal Government is in discussions with the medical community, multinational corporations and employers of citizens to create a more efficient process for you to register your vaccine compliance.

We know their conversation under the terminology of a COVID Passport. The current goal is to make a system for us to show and prove our authorized work status, which, as you know, is based on your obedience to a mandated vaccine.

Beta tests are being conducted in various nations, each with different perspectives and constitutional limitations, based on pesky archaic rules and laws that govern freedom.

For the western, or for lack of a better word ‘democratic‘ outlook, Australia, New Zealand and Europe are leading the way with their technological system of vaccination check points and registered state/national vaccination status tied to your registration identification.

New York City has recently joined the vaccine checkpoint process, as their city requires the vaccine to enter all private businesses.

The Australian electronic checkpoints are essentially gateways where QR codes are being scanned from the cell phones of the compliant vaccinated citizen. Yes comrades, there’s an app for that.

Currently, the vaccine status scans are registered by happy compliance workers, greeters at the entry to the business or venue. Indeed, the Walmart greeter has a new gadget to scan your phone prior to allowing you custody of a shopping cart.

In restaurants, the host or hostess has a similar compliance scanner to check you in prior to seating or a reservation confirmation.

It’s simple and fun. You pull up your QR code on your cell phone (aka portable transponder and registration device), using the registration app, and your phone is scanned delivering a green check response to confirm your correct vaccination status and authorized entry.

The Australian government, at both a federal and state level, is working closely with Big Tech companies (thirsting for the national contract) to evaluate the best universal process that can be deployed nationwide.

As noted by all six Premiers in the states down under, hardware (scanners) and software (registration) systems are all being tested to find the most comprehensive/convenient portable units to settle upon. Meanwhile in the U.S., cities like Los Angeles and New York await the beta test conclusion before deploying their own version of the same process….”
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