Don’t Be Fooled—the Left Is Gaslighting Again


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Aug 20, 2003
Most dems want to be gaslighted........... They like it.

“The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession.” – President Barak Obama, August 5, 2009

Not here. Not in the state proudly dubbed the “Free State of Florida.”

It’s a shame to have to point this out, but the United States Senate is considering legislation so inappropriately titled that it might come right out of the bizarro episode of Seinfeld. Nevertheless, while the country is reeling from the onset of a recession coupled with near-double-digit inflation, the most left-wing elements of our policymaking body in Washington seem to have convinced Senator Joe Manchin that down is up, wrong is right, and pain is pleasure.

Make no mistake: the policy proposals contained in the hilariously named “Inflation Reduction Act” would be folly in good economic times. In the current environment, however, they represent outright recklessness. The Left is playing chicken with the possibility of a depression, and they need to be called out. This agenda, if enacted, would do nothing for Floridians and everything for the bureaucrat class in D.C.

Tax hikes on small businesses and investors, giveaways to the Left’s most radical special interest groups, elements of the “green new deal” that are so bad they couldn’t pass the Senate on their own merits, and a massive increase in IRS agents to help administer the new bloat – all presented in a reconciliation package to get around the Senate’s pesky check-and-balance filibuster rule.

And don’t be fooled into believing that this legislation will somehow reduce the deficit. It’s an accounting gimmick that has nothing to do with reducing the federal government’s spending spree while taking more and more of Americans’ income. They’re lining their pockets with the fruits of all our labor.

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