Do you guys have an experience chart?


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Oct 25, 2020
I think depth charts are mostly a waste, but I’m wondering what your experience chart looks like.

here are my parameters for Purdue. Have they lined up there for at least a game and made plays.. a game close to 100 yards for a receiver, a td, a sack for a defensive player.. a couple tfls.. an offensive linemen who appeared in four games at that spot and made fans say “hey he could be a nice player.” A QB who threw for some yards without negative TD-INT ratio or bad completion percentage. I’m looking for what you guys already have that’s done something in games.

if they came from another school were they either extraordinary at the g5 level or did they do something equivalent p5.

so for us, as excited as I am about George karlaftis’ brother yanni, he’s out. He hasn’t done anything.

for us I’ll italicize players who barely fit the Bill (they did the minimum or near it by my standard) and bold guys who either are all conference or that I think have a good chance to compete for it. New starters undeined

QB - Oconnell
RB - Doerue, Lewis, Downing
WR left - Jones, Tracy
WR slot - Sheffield, Tracy, Burks
WR right - Thompson, Rice, Yaseen
TE - Durham, Miller, Piferi
LT - E. Miller, Jones
LG - Holstege
C - Hartwig
RG - Craig, Mbow, Finau
RT - Moussa

SSDE - Sullivan, Anderson
3Tech - Deen, Lewis
NT - Johnson
Leo - Jenkins
WLB - Brothers
MLB - Douglas, Fakasiieki, Wahlberg
S/LB - Graham
RCB - Trice, Taylor
FS - Allen
SS - Jefferson, Kane
LCB - Brown, Denson

Worth noting

> Though I didn’t list players at Multiple positions, Jefferson is the backup FS and Holstege is the backup C.

> Brothers is the only player that qualifies under my standard who plays WLB, but the hope is that either newcomer Clyde Washington takes it or the thought is that one of the MLBs will be there. This would mean that we may not cover space well in that level against the pass but the run defense will be great against all but speed backs with elite ability to get outside fast.

I would love to see the same for you guys so I know what’s really established and what’s just hope .. as in I hope Cole brevard, nic caraway, Yanni karlaftis, khordae sydnor, Clyde Washington, Preston Terrell etc etc etc have an impact but none of them has appeared in and done anything noteworthy in a game to this point.


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Jan 9, 2021

-Clifford, 6th year. Starter since '19.
-Christian Veiluax, got some experience last year and played respectable.

-Keyvone Lee, basically a 2 year starter. Rhythm back. No breakaway speed. Fumbling issue at times.
-Ford, saw his least amount of snaps last year, but has been seeing the field since '19. Always been the 3rd RB. Very good blocker for his size.

-Parker, possession guy, hands almost as good as Dotson. Should step into the #1 role.
-Tinsley, transfer in. Excellent stats coming from an Air Raid O. Should bring versatility and experience to WR room.
-Lambert Smith, vertical and slant threat. Poised for a breakout year.

-Strange, best blocker of the group typically. Decent hands.
-Johnson, very athletic type. More WR than blocker.
-Warren, converted QB who broke out last year. Blocking improved. Good high point catcher. Can run Wildcat.
*these guys are basically co starters. They all see snaps.

-Scruggs, 2 year starter. Moving to C from RG, but he took plenty of snaps there last year. Smallest guy on the projected line.
-Wallace, 2 year starter at RT. Slow outside steps. Glad your nfl DE is gone. Probably future NFL guard.
-Nourzad, transfer in. 30+ games starting experience. Trying to prove he's draftable. Potential RG, battling a guy that was supposed to be last years RG until season ending injury.


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Jan 9, 2021

-Mustipher, multi year starter. Was looking like a possible day 2 NFL pick until injury ended his year. Run stuffer. Can disrupt passing game.
-Izzard and Ellies. Starters last half of last year. One bulked up, the other cut so probably one likely starts opposite Mustipher. Hoping they have a big year.
-Beamon, missed all of last year with no reason given. Supposed to return this year. Undersized guy, but can beat his man in his sampling.

-Tarburton, solid but unspectacular guy. Not a pass rush threat yet. Plays the run downs.
-Issac, was their heir apparent for the rush style end but missed last year due to injury. Flashed some the year prior.
-Robinson, transfer in. Played a bit for Maryland last year as a tweener OLB / DE. Could push for starting time.
-Vilbert, big lanky guy. Had 3 sacks in our bowl game. Still getting his skills down rest of the year.

-Jacobs. Best LB far and away to date on the roster. Moving from SAM to WILL. Only if about him: can he play the box vs run?
-Sutherland. Safety converted to SAM / Stryker type hybrid LB. Decent run support from safety, but fan base isn't thrilled with the move.

-Porter Jr, tall, long m2m type cover corner. Has drawn some DPIs. If he cleans that up, he'll be a beast.
-Kalen King, was the #3/4 CB last year as a true freshman. Highly skilled, but we've seen these guys get better and get mediocre.
-Hardy, slot CB. Teams pick at him because he's small but he's got very good ball skills.
-Dixon, solid depth player.

- Brown. Best safety on the team. Sure tackler. Ball hawk. 6 INTs last year. Stepping into the role Brisker had last year so he will be busy vs reading.
-Ellis. Former CB. Settled in at safety. Good depth player but if he doesn't turn it on, young options to pass him.