Democrats are playing Robinhood in Reverse

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Feb 2, 2022
Their policies are stealing from the lower and middle class and distributing it to much higher earners.

1) They created record inflation which disproportionately hurts lower and middle class.

2) They shut down small businesses off and on mostly in democrat states since covid came around in 2020 putting a large percentage of small businesses out of business for good while allowing large corporations to operate and take additional market share.

3) Shutting down schools for much of 2 years in mostly democrat states and cities stole the biggest opportunity that lower and middle class have of improving their futures through education. Many, especially lower income and inner city minorities were disproportionately hurt by these policies and fell further behind than their peers from more affluent districts.

4) This student loan forgiveness is the essence of Robinhood in reverse where in general, every taxpayer is being robbed to pay for the debts of generally higher paid and on average higher educated people.

Democrats have truly become thieves stealing from the poor and middle class to benefit the rich.
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Feb 5, 2003
I live next to psu altoona and walk and bike the campus daily. A lot of white kids from New York New Jersey Virginia driving bmws and other top end vehicles who will benefit.