Democrats are older but not wiser


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Aug 20, 2003
I honestly think that due to being unhinged, they have become uneducable as well.

What’s the salient feature of Washington leadership? Is it cynicism? Incompetence? Profligacy with our money? Those characteristics stand out, but none is quite it.

The unprecedented thing is that they are so old.

Democrats who control the federal capital are superannuated as no American government and few others elsewhere have ever been. Joe Biden, the oldest president ever, is 79; Speaker Nancy Pelosi is 82; Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is also 82; Chief Whip James Clyburn is 81. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is relatively sprightly but still 71; his deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin, is 77. Sen. Bernie Sanders, heart and soul of the party, is 80. Most of those who chair prized Capitol Hill committees are up there with them.

Throughout history, a few remarkable figures have brimmed with energy and ideas into great age. But that isn’t the case with whole echelons of politicians such as those above. A question that has always hung over this administration and this Congress is, who is really running the show?

It isn't comforting to remark that 70 or 80 is the new 60, or to ponder other half-truths of a culture unwilling to accept that mortality isn’t a choice. We live in a gerontocracy.

Age is supposed to bring wisdom. But when voters look at the White House and Capitol Hill, they don’t see seasoned, elderly leaders acting as a moderating force on reckless youth. They see the opposite.

An old guard is clinging to power and rank by embracing the most radical ideas thrown up at them by frustrated younger generations that clamor for a wholesale restructuring of America’s culture, economy, and society. Members of the high command look anxiously over their shoulders at radicals who want to displace them. They’re leading by looking backward.
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