Dem Jan. 6 Show Trial Caught in Numerous easily proved lies.


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Jan 2, 2018
Here is one of the 4 lies the Committee has made with respect to former DOJ Attorney Ken Klukowski.

"The former DOJ lawyer then detailed in his public statement four false accusations levied against him by the Jan.6 Committee. First, Klukowski exposed Rep. Liz Cheney’s false portrayal of him as being sent by John Eastman to work under Clark. While Cheney fraudulently told the country that Klukowski “was specifically assigned to work under Jeff Clark,” Klukowski provided the committee documents establishing that his transfer to “the Civil Division of the DOJ was in the works since July 2020, long before Jeff Clark was the acting head of that Division.”

In an interview with The Federalist over the weekend, Klukowski stressed that during questioning by the Jan. 6 Committee—which exceeded more than 12 total hours—he made clear that he had been working on the transfer since mid-summer, hoping to move to the DOJ civil division to obtain more litigation experience, and that the transfer had been preliminarily approved in September 2020. Klukowski added that he also provided the committee detailed information that would allow them to confirm his testimony."

He was questioned for 12 hours under oath and this is what the vile members of the show trial congressional committee have done. Similar to Nancy Pelosi lying about officer Sicknick dying of a blow to the head.

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