Day Thirteen: refugee count reaches 2 million...gas prices hit another record...potential 'global food crisis' looms...this will show Putin who's boss


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May 29, 2001
Hey Senile Brandon, let me introduce you and your string-pulling, would-be Masters of the Universe to a little thing called Unintended Consequences.

The impact on the world's food supply will hit poor countries the hardest...possibly causing famine and starvation.

But who could possibly have predicted any of this? Other than anybody with a functioning brain, I mean.

Then again, maybe to the sickos running our country, it's not so unintended. These same people casually flirting with a nuclear confrontation are now blithely assuring us that all we have to do is go green, buy an electric car...and bingo...all problems solved. Gosh darn it, why didn't we think of that?

And hot off the wire: the puppet-masters are banning the import of Russian oil and gas. American families of average means are going to pay a very high price so the virtue-signalers and chest-thumpers can show off their cheap, long-distance bravery.

Our nation is in the hands of madmen.

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