Cosmetic billionaire is the one who convinced Trump that “he could buy Greenland”


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Nov 2, 2003
What a fvcking retard.

Scary quotes from the article:

The Greenland idea was just one of many that left aides trying to find ways of steering Mr. Trump away from paths they deemed bizarre or reckless. After an early Oval Office meeting where he expounded on his interest in Greenland, one mystified cabinet member was struck by the delusional nature of it.

Mr. Kelly often regaled others with stories of Mr. Trump’s ignorance about basic historical facts and his inability to absorb information. But it was Mr. Trump’s flawed judgment that most rattled Mr. Kelly, and he concluded that the problem was not that Mr. Trump did not know right from wrong, but that “he always does the wrong thing.”

Rarely restrained in front of a camera, Mr. Trump nonetheless was even more caustic at times behind the scenes. He harshly criticized women for their looks, telling visitors that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was an example of why women should be careful about plastic surgery and that he would not pick Nikki Haley, his United Nations ambassador, as a running mate because she had a “complexion problem.”

So many cabinet secretaries were disenchanted with the president that at one point they discussed a plan to resign en masse. There were other mutual suicide pacts during the Trump administration as well. Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, agreed with Alex Azar, the health and human services secretary, that they would both resign in protest if Mr. Trump resumed separating the children of migrants at the border from their parents.

Mr. Trump regularly sought to use government power to punish his enemies, ordering aides to block a merger in retaliation against CNN and to ensure that a government contract did not go to Jeff Bezos’ Amazon — actions aides considered illegal or unethical. He was so intent on targeting the former intelligence officials James R. Clapper Jr. and John O. Brennan that he demanded some 50 to 75 times that aides strip them of their security clearance. When the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked one of his policies, Mr. Trump ordered aides to “cancel” or eliminate the court altogether, another demand they ignored.


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May 29, 2001
The NYT might as well write a column about selling Alaska back to Russia.