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May 11, 2012
Penn State Wrestling Fans!!!!!!!

Just like that we are one dual away from beginning the Post Season. It has been a whirlwind of a January and early February but now we have been able to slow down with travel, get healthy, and train as we look forward to March. We often have people ask about our schedule and why we go to certain places more then they come here and how that schedule is set up etc. but all that can be said is the Big Ten makes our conference schedule with very little if any input from us. All we can do is show up where they tell us to go and try to wrestle as hard as we can. Our guys have done that this year and will have one more opportunity this weekend before the Big Ten Tournament.

In the month of January and early February we went to Maryland, Michigan/Michigan State, and Iowa and had four other home duals sandwiched in there as well. It was great to see different guys step up when needed and for the team to figure out how to win some tough matches. These matches also allow us as a staff to see where we need to get better in all aspects of our program. Very rarely do you walk away from a match feeling like everybody wrestled great and it will be that way until the end of time, but you can see tendencies that the majority of the team are either getting or not getting. Seeing these tendencies or patterns with our guys allows us to adjust and continue to move forward so that is the fun part of coaching. I will include the link again for our wrestling web page with all the results from these duals for those who have not been able to keep up.

As mentioned above we have one more dual this Sunday against Rider and it is the last chance to see several of our senior’s wrestle at home one last time. Like Coach Cael says though Saturday night at the Nationals is what we truly see as Senior night so there is still a lot of wrestling to go. After Sunday we will have about 2 weeks to get ready for the Big Ten Tournament and about 3.5 weeks until the Nationals. It is the fun time of year, and this is what our guys get excited for. Our guys will continue to improve over the next couple weeks and will be ready to go in Detroit in about 1 month.

In other news several of our NLWC athletes have been competing with a lot of great results. Results will be updated on our freestyle guys through the website. We also have 4 more athletes that will be competing in Bulgaria starting tomorrow. For those that have enjoyed some of our freestyle events and our Florida Collegiate duals on Rokfin we are trying to keep that updated with several different things. There are two blogs from Coach Cael on leadership and there is a new question and answer with one of our new Freshmen Alex Facundo. There is a lot of great content on the NLWC page so check it out if you have not.

Once again we appreciate all the support and we look forward to seeing everybody one more time at home on Sunday to send our seniors out on a high note.

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!