Berge was at 165 and now 157!


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Feb 11, 2018
To me it makes sense to count all D1 matches regardless of weight class somewhere. That way there would be no penalty for Merideth-Gross supermatch, no personal/team conflict of interest for bumping up when critical for a dual, and no wrestler health vs participation conflict of interest if weight is a little high at the start of the season.
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Jan 13, 2004
Can people now please get comfortable with Berge at 165 and quit saying Berge has to go down to 157? He looks great at 165 and definitely established that against AA Cam Amine. He is talented, experienced , proven and a winner. Rest assured Cael and Brady know better than many of the posters on this site who have been relentless about the need for Berge having to get down to 157. He's going to be a very competitive at this weight , a possible AA at 165 for PS and surprise a lot of people this year. Go Brady!!!
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