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Feb 11, 2009
Chester County, PA
Shared seats with some buddies from 2003-2010 or so. Typically only got up to 1-2 games due to kids activities. Had 4 excellent Aisle seats in SJ Row 25 that I loved. Then we got moved due to Student Section shift. Got tired of having to attend the games we couldn't sell to make the math work and let them lapse.

Empty nesters now and my best man has a nephew who is a rising senior with his own 1BR out on Waupelani Drive. No roomates. We were looking to catch a game or two and use the "free hotel." Started investigating OSU tix and got discouraged quickly.

Last weekend my sister paid me the going Delaware Limo rate to drive her from SEPA to Dulles for an early early morning International flight. After gas and tolls I had $500 to spend (without spousal input).

For the shit of it I had a conversation with a sales representative today. We purchased 3 seasons in NAU row 64....about 8 rows up. Total price: $439 per seat with no NLC donation required. Will use the balance to buy parking and we are set.

Certainly not the best seats or home schedule...but who cares? Gonna be at The White Out for sure without getting scalped and the rest feel like a bonus.

Let's Go State!

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