Audio of British Def. Sec. Wallace entertaining Ukrainian nuclear ambitions on phone call w/ a prankster he believed to be the Ukrainian PM


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Apr 9, 2014
Apparently step 1: label it Russian propaganda.

If step 1 doesn't work, step 2: 1984

If step 2 doesn't work, then they find and oppress them

Here's the full video in case you don’t want to watch all of these videos separately.

Archived Links will be here, going to post videos in order from Twitter Feed

Video #1

Audio of British Def. Sec. Wallace entertaining Ukrainian nuclear ambitions on phone call w/ a prankster he believed to be the Ukrainian PM was just released.

The MoD insists YouTube take it down, calling it Russian propaganda —and “a substantial risk to UK National security”

Video #2

Right out the gate, Wallace promises new anti-aircraft systems and takes a not-so-subtle shot at France & Germany. Then the UK Defence Sec. seems genuinely unsure whether or not the ‘Ukrainian Prime Minister’ realizes a No-Fly Zone would likely do the regime more harm than good:

Video #3

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace: “We are not going to directly attack Russian ships or airplanes… at this stage” though it’s a “difficult thing for me to say.” However, he promises more weapons & to let Ukraine regime help decide how close British warships buzz the Russian navy

Video #4

“We have always wanted you to join NATO, which is why our training teams were there… over the last five years” UK Defence Minister tells pretend Ukrainian Prime Minister. He blames other NATO nations for failure to secure Ukraine’s membership

Video #5

INSANE: Phony Ukraine PM asks for help with nuclear weapons & actual British Defence Secretary replies UK “will support Ukraine” if they “want to explore new weapons.”

Apparently there were even wilder segments removed due to potential impact on “the national security of the UK”

Video #6

British Defence Secretary advises a man he incorrectly believes to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister to “just be very careful” about efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.

As a signatory to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the UK “can’t be seen to be” involved.

In other words: CYA.

Video #7

Wallace almost loses his cool when he senses he’s being blamed for foreign mercenaries fleeing Ukraine on arrival. After a brief lecture on the concept of a “free press,” the UK Defense Secretary labels British field medic and 6-year veteran Jake Priday an “idiot” and a “failure”

Video #8

The only time the British Defense Secretary actually seems to verge on a moment of clarity is when the pair of pranksters tries to coach him into chanting “Slava Vovan and Lexus.” Even then it’s not enough!

Video #9

Missed this earlier—naturally UK would prefer to use Ukrainians as cannon fodder “at this stage.” But will they to fight Russia themselves at “the next stage?” Wallace seems unwilling to go beyond current deployments in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Ukraine “orbital training team”

(Refers back to Video #3)

Video #10

Pranksters request “newer NLAW anti-tank weapons,” saying those previously delivered by the UK “often fail.” Wallace tells fake Ukraine PM they’ve already sent 4,000+ (“We’re running out of our own!”) and shifts blame to “the Ukrainian General Staff” for logistical bottlenecks.


NLAWs a central focus of the British MoD takedown demand, which incidentally reads like a mob boss ultimatum:

“I am confident you would not wish to be a conduit for Russian propaganda or be in any way associated with the potential consequences of this kind of media manipulation”

In sum: UK MoD responded to being duped by the dudes who prank called Lukashenko & Elton John by

  • calling it propaganda, blaming the “Russian state”
  • demanding YouTube “remove (or at least block) access to the video”
  • not disputing the substance of his comments in the least
Full video available on the Vovan and Lexus YouTube channel here:

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