All-American Showcases!


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Sep 6, 2016

All-American Showcases

Only 3 percent of High School basketball players get scholarships. What are you doing to give yourself an advantage? Attending an All-American Showcase will give you the platform to show coaches what you have. College coaches work and attend our Showcases. Are you ready to show coaches across the country how good you are? One day can change your life!

Players attending an All-American Showcase will play 3 games each, participate in a skill-session, and will be attend a recruiting seminar given by former or current college coaches.

College coaches from across the nation will be invited to attend all All-American Showcases.

All games are filmed and players will have the option of receiving either game film or a personal mixtape.

Every player will receive an All-American Showcase T-Shirt as well as a written evaluation. These evaluations are also sent to every single college basketball coach in the entire country.

The top 50 performers selected by our college coaches on staff will be invited to attend our exclusive All-American Top 50 Combine in July of 2017.

Showcases are for males ages 13-18. If you are older than 18 please email our office at


September 17 - Houston, TX
September 18 - Dallas, TX
September 24 - Chicago, IL
September 25 - Columbus, OH
October 1 - Oakland, CA
October 2 - Los Angeles, CA
October 8 - Nashville, TN
October 9 - Charlotte, NC
October 15 - Atlanta, GA
October 15 - Miami, FL
October 16 - Greensboro, NC
October 16 - Orlando, FL
October 22 - Boston, MA
October 23 - Washington, DC
October 29 - New York, NY
October 30 - Philadelphia, PA


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