After VA Elections, Democrats Heard the Message. They Just Don’t Care.


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Aug 20, 2003
Perfect definition of unhinged. Instead of listening, the double down on how THEY FEEL everything should work...................

On November 2nd, Conservatives across the country celebrated as we watched Republicans sweep the top three statewide offices in Virginia, among several other shocking victories on election night. This was a resounding defeat of Democrats’ radical, progressive agenda and Americans delivered their message loud and clear: The Democrats have radicalized and pushed too far with their agenda. Despite clear warning signs that Democratic politicians are out of touch with the average American and focused only on the elites in the weeks leading up to these elections, the usual suspects at CNN and MSNBC blamed the results on racism and privilege, all while denying any wrongdoing by the Democrats. Instead, they praised the Democrats’ messaging and insisted they need to double down on their progressive, failing platform.

Certainly, many media types on the Progressive left haven’t gotten the message about how unpopular their agenda truly is with Americans, but I can assure you that President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know exactly what is coming in 2022 – a red wave. But instead of listening and adjusting their agenda, they are doubling down and will stop at nothing to pass as many progressive, liberal wish list items as they can before relinquishing the levers of power. While many Conservatives seem to be content to declare victory, there is still much more work left to do to stop the Democrats from radicalizing America and getting individuals addicted to big government.