A Plague of Racial Hoaxes on Campus


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Aug 20, 2003

These incidents are particularly disturbing.... I never knew about them. You?

In order to combat the supposed scourge of “structural racism,” it seems that much of it has to be invented. A grossly racist flyer circulated on the campus of Ohio’s Oberlin College in 2013 sparked massive campus-wide protests and resulted in cancelled classes. The pamphlet repeatedly used anti-gay, anti-Jewish, and anti-black slurs, and demanded that all these undesirables be locked in “cages,” but it turned out to be the work of two liberal activists. One of the hoaxers was a member of the group “White Allies Against Structural Racism.” Worse still, the campus administrators knew that this incident was a hoax even as the classes for which their students were paying exorbitant fees to attend were being cancelled.

In 2012, a University of Wisconsin, Parkside student found herself on a racist “hit list” that included the names of a number of African-American students targeted for violence. That list appeared several days after two nooses made out of rubber bands appeared on campus. The incidents exploded in the news and became the focus of an investigation by the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office, but that investigation revealed that this student who originally exposed the plot was behind the whole affair. What gave her away was the fact that the only name on the “hit list” spelled correctly was her own.

The student activists on Vassar College’s Orwellian-named “Bias Incident Response Team” found themselves busy indeed in November of 2013. They were supposedly combating an epidemic of hateful and insensitive messages directed toward blacks, women, and the transgendered scrawled and spray-painted on student residencies. Guess what? The perpetrators of this act of bias were none other than the members of the anti-bigotry brigade themselves.

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