A Perfect Symbol of Biden's Dumpster Fire Presidency


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Aug 20, 2003
He's senile.


President Joe Biden wants Russian President Vladimir Putin gone. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Those are his words.

You know by now what happens next. The White House walks it back only minutes later.

Make no mistake, Biden meant what he said Saturday in Warsaw, Poland, in a speech the White House was hoping would be a rallying cry for Western democracies to unite in pushing back not just Russia but other authoritarian states like China.

But we should know this president’s fatal flaw by now. Biden has lost his mind, his handlers think he has no mind or he has lost control of his own administration.

I am not sure which is worse.

Whatever dumpster fire is actually true, those nine words are a symbol of everything that is wrong with this presidency. They won’t easily wash away.

The heart of the matter is you can’t trust anything Biden says anymore. Or, to be a little more mean-spirited but honest, you don’t know if he actually understands what he is saying anymore.
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