A CRT opponent wins race for Southlake ISD, TX 65 - 35. (link)


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May 29, 2001
Good for them. People are pushing back at the grass roots level. Just as you don't get between a momma bear and her cubs you don't get between parents and their kids' education. Makes you wonder what the h@ll democrats were thinking!

The victory caps a yearlong campaign by Southlake Families PAC, a group formed by local Republican Party leaders in response to the district’s diversity efforts. The PAC, which describes itself as “unapologetically rooted in Judeo-Christian values,” raised $250,000 and poured much of it into local elections.

In May, two other candidates backed by Southlake Families PAC won seats on the Carroll school board in a bitter election that foreshadowed the nationwide fight over how to address issues of race, gender and sexuality in schools.

In the months since, conservative parents and activists have worked to replicate Southlake Families PAC’s success in nonpartisan school board races across the country — from Douglas County, Colorado, to Guilford, Connecticut. New groups have emerged nationwide backing candidates opposed to history lessons, library books and school programs centered on racism, LGBTQ rights and other issues that conservatives have misbranded under the umbrella of “critical race theory,” an academic study of how racism is embedded in modern institutions.

The election Tuesday made Southlake one of the first places in the country where candidates running on an anti-critical race theory platform have flipped control of a school board. After Yeager is sworn in, trustees aligned with Southlake Families PAC will hold a 4-3 majority on the Carroll school board, giving the group power to shape the district’s policies.

Let's go Brandon!