5 Stages of Grief for Biden and the Flailing Democrats


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Aug 20, 2003
Here are the Biden administration's five stages:

  1. It's not really a problem. You just think it is.
  2. It's only a problem for some people, especially rich people. It doesn't affect ordinary folks.
  3. It's only a temporary problem. Although folks may be feeling some pain right now, it will go away soon, thanks to our policies.
  4. The problem is lasting a little longer than expected, but none of the experts anticipated that. The president himself is working hard to fix everything.
  5. It's not our fault, and there's nothing we can do to fix the problem. Who is to blame? (In 2021, it was Trump; in 2022, it is Putin.)
Voters aren't buying it. They elect presidents to solve problems, and they hold them responsible when they fail. Polls show only about one-fifth of the country thinks we are "on the right track," a catastrophic number for the party in power. They don't blame Republicans, either, because Democrats control the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives. They point directly at Biden and his flailing party.