2018 BWI March Madness Pick'Em

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    Once again, I invite you to join the BWI March Madness Pick'Em. As always, the competition is just for bragging rights. There is no entry fee to participate, and you don't win any money for winning the March Madness Pick'Em.

    To join, CLICK HERE

    On the screen you are taken to, click on the Join a Private Group button

    On the window that appears, there are 2 blank fields.

    - opposite Pool id, enter:


    - opposite Password, enter:


    - click on the Join Pool button

    At that point, you have to Sign in if you have a Yahoo account, or you have to create a Yahoo account if you don't have one. As I have an account that I use for the board Pick'Ems, I can't step you through the process for Signing in, or Creating an account. I presume you follow the prompts.

    Once you are past the sign in/account creation process, you are taken to the BWI March Madness screen.

    You have to name your brackets (which I strongly suggest that you use your board handle as part of the bracket name).

    Each participant can enter 2 brackets in the BWI March Madness. So have a serious one, and a hopeful one, or a I'm-gonna-win one, and an upset one, etc.

    The scoring system is No Bonus Points. Each game is worth 1 point.

    Best of luck to all that participate.

    If the pool reaches max size (which I don't know if there is one, or if there is what the number is), please let me know. In past years, I've created additional pools if we reached the limit.

    Looking back at the 2017 BWI March Madness Pick'Em, here are the final standings:

    1st place -- yours truly, with 47 points
    2nd place -- nitlion7176, with 46 points
    3rd place -- Ralphie, with 45 points
    4th place -- marvin, RochLion, and Ronald, with 44 points
    5th place -- Dalions, Neff, Fac, BrownDog, and CigarOwl, with 43 points
    6th place -- bna, sheckman, PennStateNate, Bob78, and john4psu, with 42 points
    7th place -- Coach Lun, AustinLion, lionville, CoolBean, Chuckstar, ChrisD, and RochLion (2nd bracket), with 41 points
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