2 weeks until B1Gs ... and a few thoughts!

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Jan 25, 2013
If the weekend's results don't get you all fired up for the post season, well - stop reading this post!

Caught / Pinned / Decked / Counted the lights / pick your term ... there are no pictures in the scorebook, just says LBF (loss by fall) ... Hayden Hidlay was in control when Lautt hit the Bo Nickal move --- he stuck Hidlay, plain and simple! Best advice is to give anyone - - - ANYONE - - - put yesterday behind you and change your attitude for today! Hayden didn't let it dwell, he wrestled a clean match against Lewis!

Inside my circle of close friends, a lot of negative complaints about the events that are on TV prior to a televised wrestling match ... I'm included in that group! I want to express that my frustration is with the schedulers ... if you are not 5 minutes early, you are LATE in my mind!! Figure it out TV people! Grab a camera, record a 2 minute Q&A with a wrestler/coach from both teams to fill a 15 minute void if the event prior to your televised match doesn't run over the allotted time!!!!!!!!!! Is it the end of the world that the 1st 2 bouts were missed Fri & Sun - NOPE, but then again, I'm not a friend or family member of the athletes who missed out on the TV coverage. RANT OVER.

I do feel bad that I was late to posting to the Wick/Griffith link on Saturday - suck it up, I'm not a tv guide! :) HUGE props to Stanford/Cal Poly for starting the dual at 174! Love the best for last option!!!

Extra matches: This was the coolest thing NCAA wrestling did prior to the "staged" results that I read about all over the internet!!! Calling Cael or Brands or Smith prior to traveling across country should be perfectly normal, hey coach - I have 2 or 3 kids - weights 165/125/133 that want to get mat time, have any backups ready to go?!?! Greatest thing ever! BUT BUT BUT --- calling to setup a fixed :01 inj def should be BANNED!!!! Even for PSU's own Brady Berge yesterday ... I don't want to hear our backup 157'rs were all out last minute ... create a last chance tournament regionally on the down weekend and enter the kids who need the minimums!!! RANT 2 OVER

I'm ready for Lincoln - EIWAs - Big 12s - PAC 10s - ACCs - bring it all on!!!

174 was ridiculous over the weekend. Labs found a way to finish the shots against a great scrambler ... now the biggest question is how do you seed the B1G 174 bracket ... does KemDawg fall down to the 4?

Wick looks like the man to beat at 165

Quinn Kinner - who would have guessed he'd ride Nick that tough? He kept Seabass to a 7-3 score as well earlier this season!

SeaBass v Eierman is my pick for most anticipated matchup at B1Gs

Make these 10 working days go by faster!


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Dec 10, 2005
It takes a lot of work to schedule and put on a tournament...

That said this bye week should indeed have a scheduled LCO feel.

Schools should plan and commit to send backups and RS. Then if a guy needs a match he goes too.

Continues the build up to the post season and we have many of next year's studs that we don't get to see all in one place. Builds hype for next season.

Maybe flo or willie could work on something like this.
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Jun 20, 2021
why wasnt Kinner called for stalling on top he made no attempt to turn while Lee was almost continous or his escape attempts??
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Feb 16, 2018
I'm think Kem is third people want to see the rematch I'll take cstar in either situation he is flat out awesome and almost impossible to take down