1000 dollars an hour

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Jun 26, 2001
That’s Franklin’s contract for next 10 yrs broken down. I’m a Franklin supporter by and large—and bleed blue and white— our family endowed a PSU scholarship this year and 37 yr member in Nittany Lion Club donating more each year.

We live in the Lehigh Valley, Class of ‘82 PSU and always show up when our football coach shows up in area out of respect. I got to see Joepa at the Holiday Inn Fogelsville (his last here) and he was engaging talking about recruiting visits here, but no chance to meet one on one. OBrien came reluctantly after his first year as University was trying to shore up alumni support and we had chance to get pic and shake his hand— as my buddy took pic, Bill looked like get me out of here.

Franklin came to the Valley for an alumni event at Sands pre Covid, and it was a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown put on by Realtors. I bid on an auction item for the event to get a quick meet and photo with James. He was special— in 3 minutes that felt like 10 minutes, he had a genuine conversation and was a cool down to earth guy. I assume it was real because it felt genuine. Everyone there had only good things to say and the excitement eclipsed anything Paterno or O’Brien could generate. I can see why he is a great recruiter, as he is a genuinely nice guy. Joepa did some frustrating things (78 Sugar Bowl) before he learned and went on to 82 and 86 magic seasons!’

I share extreme frustration with this season— how can PSU be so inept on O-line??? How can coaches not recognize our strengths (receivers and passing) and weakness in opponent (worst pass defense in Division 1, clinched for Mich State regardless of what happened in our game) and a coach with 1000/hr rate not see this and exploit it to a victory??? Running Lee on 2nd and 1 and 3d was a big favor to the 100 million dollar Mel Tucker fund!’

I like James and I hope he learns and owns some of the mistakes and course corrects. Our incoming recruits are the best in 37 years of following PSU— Ohio State and Alabama level—Allar and Singleton are going to make us forget 2021 and coaching may matter less, as long as we have a half way competent line. Receivers and Defense too. We have a freshman kicker from Liberty at PSU now that I’m sure would have been better than Stout this yr— made 60 yd field goals consistently!

All we can hope is that 1000/hour brings us much better returns in future— Penn State nation deserves better and I hope Franklin delivers. He is a good guy. I guess time will tell but this year was sad!!