1. slushhead

    If not PSU, who would you most like to see succeed?

    Whether a historic great, a perennial 2nd tier team that just hasn't pushed through, a new kid on the block (no boy band gifs, please), or a program that has never sniffed the top 10 . . . who would you like to see win a team title in a year PSU can't do it?
  2. slushhead

    Flo may be nuts, but InterMat @133 . . .

    . . . is crazy. Check out what InterMat did to SeaBass at 133. Their rankings are normally my fav, and I get the cold facts of W-L outcomes over the weekend, but no one who saw his match vs. Gross and knows he Injury Defaulted in the consi-finals would ever genuinely believe he is this low...