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  1. Woodpecker

    Mid-week jukebox - whatcha got?

    I thought that you might go with the Mac Davis song today
  2. Woodpecker

    OT: Any northerners grow any good peppers this summer?

    Which end do you light?
  3. Woodpecker

    Given the large number of "False Positives" recorded in NFL, how is...

    I haven't seen the stats but typically such screening tests are designed to avoid false negatives. A certain false positive rate is designed in for that reason.
  4. Woodpecker

    RIP Mac Davis....and Helen Reddy....

    Here's the best I can do: Helen Reddy singing a Mac Davis song
  5. Woodpecker

    OT for all knowing board - have a small bird that constantly flies into one of our windows

    Note that if either is used on the windows or the bird, your problem will be solved.
  6. Woodpecker

    OT: Rowing machine advice from AKB

    The magnetic one have their positives and negatives
  7. Woodpecker

    OT: Billy Joel

    Buoys on the side?
  8. Woodpecker

    Cardboard cutouts

    Looks 38D to me
  9. Woodpecker

    saw an Eagle (not the Philly kind) yesterday out on the river

    Please keep your shades drawn - none of us want to see that video show up.
  10. Woodpecker

    Notre Dame & Covid reeking havoc among the football players Yoi!

    Everyone has been given a death sentence.
  11. Woodpecker

    The B1G doesn’t deserve post season consideration regardless of individual team records

    If teams from those other conferences have games that are cancelled, will they deserve post-season consideration or will you consider them wimpy for contracting the disease or having conference opponents contract the disease?
  12. Woodpecker

    Cardboard cutouts

    Do they have them in 3D?
  13. Woodpecker

    Cardboard cutouts

  14. Woodpecker

    Eagles game yesterday

    Did Cincy have any TOs left? I guess the fear was that if the long FG comes up short, it puts the Bungle one short pass from being in Bullock's range. Still, that means 3 things would have to go right for Cincy to win so I agree that the long FG for the Eagles might have been worth trying.
  15. Woodpecker

    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    Service charges for tickets are typically not refunded upon event cancellation. I'm not saying right or wrong, just thinking on how ICA might play it.
  16. Woodpecker

    Do you see a familiar profile in the cloud or is it just me?

    What's your profile look like?