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    Teen suicide rates rising; linked to Covid lockdowns.

    Interesting because I could not even begin to tell anyone in detail for that time period other than what I deem to be very important events.
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    In the absence of fans @ B1G FB stadiums

    Because allegedly it was a condition of getting all 14 schools to say yes.
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    O.T. State College Airport...

    I would recommend 45 minutes
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    Awwwww shucks.
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    Not sure if serious. Dude often belittled other posters. So he was not cool, calm or reasonable.
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    No way it is $200M for one season.
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    Plus it is noted as a donation to have the seat. While yes it is pretty much a seat license fee, I don’t believe it is legally described that way. I can see both sides. Some folks really need that money back and ICA needs it because they still have to support 800+ student athletes.
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    CODIV Dashboards of the B1G replaces Girls of the B1G

    Hate to say it but Ohio State’s COVID dashboard appearance makes Penn Stare’s look like a JV team.
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    Opening game at Indiana will probably be a Friday night BTN

    Extra day to prepare for OSU would be good.
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    Attendance @ B1G football games

    No way given some of the governors in B1G states there will be fans.
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    SIAP: Micah on private jet w/ Bowman and Arrington

    Appears all OSU players that opted out are now returning. I don’t begrudge Micah for his decision however team is without doubt better with him on the field. Some of our fans are acting like losing Micah is no big deal, are warped.
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    Schedule to be released at noon on FOX (nfm)

    Not even close to toughest schedule possible.
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    Schedule to be released at noon on FOX (nfm)

    Rutgers and Mich State to end year
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    Schedule to be released at noon on FOX (nfm)

    In comparison, what is OSU’s? I have only seen home vs Nebraska, @ Penn State, Home vs Rutgers
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    Schedule to be released at noon on FOX (nfm)

    I cannot recall, what were the west teams when B1G came out with first schedule before they canx that?
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    OT: Treadmills for Runners

    To slightly hijack thread, anyone have recommendations for the all-in-one workout weight station cable machines? I know it seems all the big brands have their versions of them. Thanks.
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    Schedule will be 8+1

    I’m sure I am a “bad” fan as I am not even having expectations at this point for season. I’m not getting worked up about if we are 8-0 or 7-1, etc. this season. I still don’t think every B1G team gets 8-9 games in. After all the BS 2020 has brought so far I will be thrilled to see our team on...
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    When does the controversy discussion start?

    Sorry, but whomever wins The Stanley Cup has earned it. No teams have mailed it in last two rounds and SCF will be tough series. I cannot speak for NBA. Don’t give a rat’s ass about MLB.