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    Notre Dame & Covid reeking havoc among the football players Yoi!

    Notre Dame is a plague upon college football. We already knew that.
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    O.T. State College Airport...

    Last year on a Cessna 208 Caravan. Southern Airways. It's not a luxury trip but it's cheap if you book ahead of time. The altitude was about 7,000 feet. I know this because I was in the front row and I could see the gauges. At one point the co-pilot turned around and asked me if I was doing...
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    O.T. State College Airport...

    Delta Burke. What a ho bag.
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    Eagles game yesterday

    Fortunately the rest of the NFC East sucks too.
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    O.T. State College Airport...

    I feel the same. I’ve flown out of DUJ in the past. Single engine props connect to PIT and BWI. Check in is a breeze. Free parking. No traffic to contend with. I can be home in under 30 minutes as opposed to driving two hours from PIT. The convenience is worth the little bit of extra layover time.
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    I'll go out an a limb and say he doesn't look that good in a bikini.
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    I hear she’s a very generous person. She enjoys giving free beverages to everyone she meets.
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    True that. It was fun watching the Louisiana win. The announcers said it was their first 3-0 start since 1988. Well, they usually lose a one and done game early in the season to an SEC team but they didn't play such a game this year. Pitt will lose a game they should win since that's what...
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    Thanks for keeping us in mind and informing us about Pitt. We were wondering what's up with you guys.
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    Thanks for the update. I'll take your word for it since I have no plans to watch Pitt this year.
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    OT: Joe Montana and wife stop grandchild’s kidnapping

    Some people are nuts. The woman deserved an ass beating. Self defense.
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    Oh, largess. At first I thought you wrote large ass. 🐴 :eek:
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    Photos of campus from 1984 (link)

    I was a student at that time as well. Thoughts... The view down South Allen St. hasn't changed much. I'd be great if the high rise buildings stayed away. The hair cuts? Ugh. Now I'll have nightmares about sitting on the steps of the IM building waiting to register. Standing in line to buy...
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    Mike Leach......

    Bo. Pelini. Defense??
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    OT:legal question

    IHMO.. 1. No, you do not have to provide ID 2. No, you did not violate the law PA Title 75 § 1511. Carrying and exhibiting driver's license on demand. (a) General rule.--Every licensee shall possess a driver's license issued to the licensee at all times when driving a motor vehicle and...
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    9/26: College Football games

    Somehow it seems Beth Mowins and orgasmic should never appear in the same sentence.
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    K State Oklahoma

    Some of the halftime highlight shows were hyping Rattler while saying how Riley can just plug in QBs and keep rolling. Maybe premature.....
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    Barry Fenchak's Editorial to CDT

    I understand the argument but if not getting a refund is a financial hardship, why make the donation in the first place?? If it's not a financial hardship, why not be a real philanthropist and let the donation stand?? I don't have the fine print in front of me but I'm sure somewhere it states...
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    Missouri Valley Conference to play starting in Feb

    NDSU does have a dome. U of South Dakota, UND, and UNI all do as well. Maybe they can make it work but seems hard to avoid some outdoor games in February. Cold AF in the upper plains.
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    We're a month away from Penn State Football. Wanna see something awesome?

    Some of those old uniforms had to be almost unbearable on a hot day. Long sleeves and heavy pants. Ugh....