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  1. Cosmos

    Louisville about to burn

    And he wouldn't have 'scored' without an assist from China and the WHO. Thank you.
  2. Cosmos

    Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff

    As an Independent I say you're full of $hit. Insomuch as corruption goes Republicans are pristine compared to democrats. It's only when a few errant Republicans 'push the envelope' that democrats go bat $hit crazy, ostensibly because when looking in the mirror and can't stand what they see! So...
  3. Cosmos

    Seattle - we don't need no cops, we have a pimp as our community relations person, hahaha

    These cities will be run into the ground.
  4. Cosmos

    BLM: fight authoritarianism by demanding that everyone think like you do...

    Good one, Uguy! They make about as much sense as a fifth wheel on a wagon. Even the founder of BLM says the movement has exceeded beyond her wildest dreams. How so? Because gullible white liberals buy into their bull$hit. Behind the scenes they are laughing their asses off at white libs. What a...
  5. Cosmos

    Who’s racist?

    Under Biden-Harris there will be no cash bond. People need to wake up and fast.
  6. Cosmos

    Bloomberg Mobilizing the Democrat Base!

    Democrats will use this labor pool for mass mail-in balloting in an effort to throw Florida. They'll vote often. And why not? They've nothing to lose!
  7. Cosmos

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    Well I don't know about that but rest assured, @sses will sting. Just hope you're not on the wrong side of the ledger.
  8. Cosmos

    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    You know, I find it amusing how you guys continue chasing shadows on Russia when China blatantly interfered with our election process by intentionally seeding us with coronavirus.
  9. Cosmos

    Murkowski changes her tune.

    IMO, these alleged fence-sitters are reacting to threats of court packing made by the democrats. What we are witnessing is a good ole fashion dick-measuring contest. That said, will the gentlelady from Alaska please stand up for something. We know Collins is spineless.
  10. Cosmos

    Biden says, "Do I look like a socialist? Look at my career, my whole career. I’m not a socialist.” (link)

    Fair enough. Then let us look at his record on race.. It’s a mystery, though, why Biden keeps demanding everyone to look at his “record” on race, which is terrible. As a freshman, Senator Biden, by his own account, formed friendly, sometimes obsequious, relationships with segregationists...
  11. Cosmos

    CNN's Don Lemon wants civil war (link)

    It's hardly a case of Donny not wanting to bail out certain states for COVID. He doesn't want to bail them out for years of fiscal mismanagement. It's the pork barrel spending Pelosi adds that's holding up COVID relief efforts. So please, don't mischaracterize it. Are we square? I won't argue...
  12. Cosmos

    Mail-in ballot scam may backfire

    Point taken but 'rules' really don't mean much when 840,000 convicted felons have the right to vote... Add to it another 13.2 million misdemeanor charges filed annually and you have a considerable pool of people through whom you can funnel...
  13. Cosmos

    Just a friendly reminder: Biden raised his hand to give Medicare-for-all to illegal aliens. (link)

    It's going to be a double whammy of high inflation and higher taxes on the middle class. The middle class is going leave the country in droves, too. This place will be like Mexico, rich and poor classes with no in between. I say good luck with that.
  14. Cosmos

    Just a friendly reminder: Biden raised his hand to give Medicare-for-all to illegal aliens. (link)

    Now that Hispanics are boarding the Trump train the key to the election is seniors. Once they understand Biden's plan to put illegals on Medicare will dilute their benefits they'll vote for Trump. Right now they see Biden as one of their own when it's hardly the case. He is but a marionette for...
  15. Cosmos

    I Just Lied

    My neighborhood can be construed as typical middle class in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area (Dallas). Dallas County is a democrat stronghold. Back in 2016 there were a gaggle of Hillary signs on my street of forty homes, along with one lone Trump sign. This year there's only one Biden...
  16. Cosmos

    With only six days and a wake up remaining until the debate, how to tell if a person is using cocaine (link)

    This is important should democrat operatives try to get Biden 'wide'. IMO he won't survive without some form of stimulant... Trump's Secret Service detail should shakedown Hunter Biden if he's found anywhere near the powder rooms. Thank...
  17. Cosmos

    Trump is going to nominate

    Revisionist history by you again.... McConnell went 'nuclear' to confirm Gorsuch but democrats changed the filibuster rules first... Frustrated with what they considered the relentless Republican obstruction of Obama's appointments, Democrats led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada...
  18. Cosmos

    minority power

    When have corporations not sold out their souls to protect their bottom lines. This is the greatest falsehood perpetuated on America since the Red Scare of the 1950s. Americans have short attention spans. Rarely do they read beyond the headlines. Therefore, they're susceptible to pithy little...
  19. Cosmos

    minority power

    That's exactly what we'll have.