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    Possible good medical news in New Jersey

    NJ already announced indoor dining will begin this Weekend at 25% capacity. Gyms opened today.
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    Whazzup with LSU?

    They can’t tolerate Ed Orgeron’s voice for more than 2 years.
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    Let’s make a deal

    I’ll get rid of all looters if you get rid of all the pickup truck, trump flag white trash. Deal? Let’s just have limousine liberals and the good old fashioned rich Republicans looking for a tax cut types. I’m sick of everyone else.
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    Does this look familiar?

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    I bet he votes early by mail just in case.
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    Eagle’s owner Jeffrey Lurie says U.S. handling of the pandemic is a global embarrassment

    Glad to see Jeffrey spreading his influence in a Swing State.
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    Biden makes strong statement against violence and Trump

    Everything Trump does is political. You don’t think it’s obvious Trump is using this as a Hail Mary to save his campaign? He’s tweeting pictures of Trumptards driving into the cities to fight with protesters while labeling them Patriots. Trump wants the violence to save his campaign. That’s...
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    Is a Civil War about to start?

    My man Jack says get out.
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    Biden makes strong statement against violence and Trump

    Parroting Trump? That’s a good one. This is a strong political move by Biden. It eliminates the only thing Trump has to run on.
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    New Poll Out Today Has Biden +15
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    That would be Limbaugh. He’s the first to sell partisan politics as entertainment. He created the monster that killed the country.
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    Yep and if he wins nobody is going to believe he didn’t cheat in some fashion. That will also result in riots and mayhem. Trump has killed American Democracy. It’s over Johnny.
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    This black man complied and was still beaten by police

    Even when it is on tape, the Trumptards will still defend the indefensible.
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    npr: In Defense of Looting

    In the past year, I’ve literally had to give financial assistance to 3 different acquaintances. Only one of them has any history of drug use or “bad behavior“. It’s really comes down to whether your circumstances allowed you to accumulate significant assets in the equity markets during your...
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    He’s A Trumper

    Except the fact that Trump was anti mask and gave the orders to his minions to be the same. He only caved on that position after the virus began to tear through the south and his poll numbers went in the crapper. He just held a convention where thousands of his Trumptards were allowed to sit...
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    This black man complied and was still beaten by police

    Look likes a training film from Reno 911.