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  1. royboy

    States with over 10% unemployment -- what do they have in common?

    HUGE! New Data Shows States with Unemployment Over 10% Are ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS Except One Here are ALL of the states which had unemployment rates above 10 percent in the government’s August state-by-state report released on Friday: The governor of EVERY state listed is a Democrat except in...
  2. royboy

    Georgia is in play

    If I recall, @MikeJones2353 said the election was in the bag for Biden 2 months ago. What a putz. putz [ˌpəts, ˌpo͝ots] NOUN NORTH AMERICAN informal a stupid or worthless person. "I'm not some two-bit putz who doesn't know the difference between Ouzo and Dom Perignon" synonyms: idiot ·...
  3. royboy

    Murkowski changes her tune.

    Could be Sarah Palin in 2022.
  4. royboy

    2020 Phillies Thread

    Yeah, the schedule has done them no favor, but they simply lack the pitching depth to be a serious contender. Don't have any direct stats on this, but they have had plenty of men on base in recent games and missed good scoring opportunities. Alec Bohm has been a gem.
  5. royboy

    48,000+ Covid cases on college campuses; how many hospitalizations and deaths?

    2 hospitalized; 0 reported deaths
  6. royboy

    ND cancels game

    More accurate to say they "postponed" the game. Both teams have an open day on next Saturday Oct. 3, and may play then. The ACC is having some issues obviously, but they do have some flexibility in their scheduling, which the Big 10 lacks.
  7. royboy

    Another teleprompter for ol’ Joe.

    After Taking Another Day Off The Campaign Trail, It’s Time To Ask If Joe Biden Is OK Tuesday morning before 9 a.m., the Biden campaign announced it was putting a lid on the day. For those unfamiliar with this lingo it means that Biden will have no events or appearances for the rest of the day...
  8. royboy

    Heading to Myrtle Beach in 2 Weeks...

    Restaurant Row in the north part of Myrtle Beach has some good options within a few blocks.
  9. royboy

    Another teleprompter for ol’ Joe.

    Biden has called a lid before noon 36% of the days in September so far! This is the 8th time Biden has shut down in September. Joe Biden is so Exhausted From his Trip to Wisconsin Yesterday That He Started Off the Morning by Shutting Down For the Day
  10. royboy

    Great guy, gone far to soon.

    Thanks for a nice tribute. Was he a poster here by chance?
  11. royboy

    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    So you would not vote in person?
  12. royboy

    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    Smart people with an abnormal fear of venturing out can request an absentee ballot.
  13. royboy

    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    It's a phony argument They can request an absentee ballot Most areas have early voting days available -- flexibility to choose a slow time How helpless are these voters? -- have they been able to go to the grocery store during the pandemic? Who is pushing the mail-in voting option? --- maybe...
  14. royboy

    Senator Blumenthal (D -- CT) threatens over RBG seat...and gets some responses

    Larry Alex Taunton @LarryTaunton ·Sep 19 Gosh, you mean you’d level false accusations? #Riot? #Burn cities? #Loot? Threaten physical assault? Commit #voterfraud? Embrace #Marxism? You’re already doing all of that, @SenBlumenthal . About the only thing left is to kill children ... oh, wait...
  15. royboy

    Senator Blumenthal (D -- CT) threatens over RBG seat...and gets some responses

    ‘Or WHAT, Dick’?! Tammy Bruce goes 100% scorched-earth on Dick Blumenthal for threats over RBG’s seat Elected Democrats like Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who threatened in a tweet posted Saturday afternoon that “nothing is off the table” if his Republican colleagues go against his party’s wishes...
  16. royboy

    Dems hold all the cards by holding none

    Yes. The concept of giving an opening concession to the Dems will not work. It is like what happened to residents in Minneapolis who supported the protesters, but still had their property destroyed. The mob doesn't care.
  17. royboy

    OT: BWI McAndrew Board Moviephiles: Tenet

    Just came across the "Before Trilogy" and was able to watch all 3 parts from HBO and pay per view. The Before trilogy consists of three films directed by Richard Linklater, and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as lovers Jesse and Céline at three different parts of their lives. The trilogy...