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    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    3rd world immigration providing a constant stream of new Dem voters (many of whom are very comfortable with socialist policies due to growing up with them) plus an ever more progressive wing of Dems thanks to our universities have done this. Amazingly, former blue blood Dems in the rust belt...
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    Woah, stay out of our elk inhabited counties!

    Last week I hit a coyote while driving to work around 5 AM. That afternoon on the way home I hit a turkey vulture that was feeding off its carcass. I did my good dead for the day, although I think the vulture may have survived.
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    Over before it starts?

    What does this have to do with the discussion at hand? A month later the leadership in New York was asking people to go out on the town. So what are you trying to say?
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    COIN. SHORTAGE. [insert the face here]

    Don't sweat it. I don't get it either. I will say doing laundry on the road is difficult when you can't get quarters. First first world problems I guess.
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    The Social Dilemma on Netflix should be required viewing for all human beings

    Have you watched CNN, or MSNBC in the last 5 years?
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    Why did Dems pick Biden

    Because the DNC establishment believes in the sanctity of voting results except for within their own primaries? Because the Clinton / Wall Street / Silicon Valley machine is all powerful and was afraid of the other Dem candidates cutting into their revenue stream? Because they knew Biden was...
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    National anthems, black or white have nothing to do with sporting events

    Watching the olympics must really drive you crazy then.
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    More peace deals.

    How long did you roll on your floor when Obama won the award just for winning an election while black?
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    Black National anthem?

    He never heard of The Band... but his head will explode after he finds out those boys who sang "the night they drove ole dixie down" where Canadian but one.
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    Black National anthem?

    As have the lefty loons. YMCA - The Village People
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    GREAT video summary of the Labor Day Boat Parade in!

    The thongs alone will give a few thousand votes his way.... just on Jupiter beach! I think I need to get myself a boat.
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    The Millennial Takeover ...

    Not all millennials. The older ones of the group are just hitting their prime earning years, and will increasingly be against giving it away. It's the middle aged socialists who never did a damn thing in their lives (professors and such) stirring up the young millenials into a fit we need to...
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    That wealth thing ain’t working out so well for young adults

    I support trade unions fully. It is a very respectable line of work that requires skill and talent to do some of the high end work that is out there. There is good money in it too for hard workers with talent. I work with the building trades daily. I do not have the same opinion of the...
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    Dozens arrested as protests turn violent in Portland

    Fortunately for Oregon crime rate statistics, the state of Oregon is larger than just Portland. Now how about Portland proper? Or most importantly, the delta between last year and this year for Portland?
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    Dozens arrested as protests turn violent in Portland

    You Hippies keep repeating this nonsense. It must suck to have your world view come crashing before your eyes. (Dem protestors are a bunch of righteous peaceniks standing up against the man). I can see why you are clinging to the "right wingers in disguise are responsible for the mayhem"...
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    Trump parades blue-collar support with union endorsement in Pennsylvania

    I fully endorse your capped well being opened for natural gas extraction if it is viable.
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    That wealth thing ain’t working out so well for young adults

    I read that as 26.6 Americans who need to get out of the house
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    Can everyone just agree (finally) that Trump is Putin’s pocket?

    Yup I agree. Unfortunately Trump found three Clintons giving a blow job when he reached in.
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    Trump parades blue-collar support with union endorsement in Pennsylvania

    Fracking destroying the environment? Deer season could be history in PA? Throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks is not a good debate strategy. Of course, when you have little data to back up your opinion, outright lies and exaggeration is all you have left. Fracking has done...