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    Louisville about to burn

    Take your meds and go to bed Filthy Frank, you are making less sense than usual.
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    Louisville about to burn

    Dickee, the self proclaimed bear has too many fantasies in that picture to decide on which one to act on.
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    Louisville about to burn

    PSUDave is the best proof of that, his total ignorance is a feather in the Democrats cap!
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    RIP Gale Sayers

    He has had a summer home in a small town just down the road from me for years , I think there was some doctor in the area that helped him with his knee problems after retirement and he liked the area and staye. Also remember Brian's Song in High School. Sad day.
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    Anyone here drive with two feet?

    My mom drives that way and I have never understood why or how but she never has any accidents at least
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    Eight more days.

    Eight more days until you check back in to whatever mental institution you escaped from?
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    Today the death toll from Trump-19 will reach 200,000 in the U.S.

    You reached a terrifying milestone of just how stupid someone can be. Before you I didn't know that having a negative IQ number was possible.
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    Senator Blumenthal (D -- CT) threatens over RBG seat...and gets some responses

    I wonder if Dick, Joe and Nancy all get their taxidermy work done at the same strip mall? Maybe they get a special rate as a group.
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    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    yeah how is that ''interesting walking around'' in a deluded mind, asshole? I'm sure you keep a diary of it.
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    60 Minutes doing a massive hit job on Trump

    Sounds you are 12 and your IQ is 9 and have no f***ing clue what you are talking about. No wonder Grover likes you.
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    McConnell should put to vote for Trump's pick immediately. No need for extended Senate hearings. Why?

    Do you go to fantasy camp where you have all of your bizarre dreams that you can't differentiate from reality or do you just live that way all of the time?
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    SIAP: Micah on private jet w/ Bowman and Arrington

    Yeah, but in fairness this wasn't a normal JR year so can't really compare to just sitting out.
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    Ten more says.

    Thanks catch, speaking of being a ignorant POS someone is calling your name.
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    Will Trump fire Another FBI Director?

    Nah, I will at least give Catch credit for being real and believing what he says. Jason is just a demented dentist spouting bullshit
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    Biden bragged he got an award from George Wallace. And said Delaware was 'on the South's side' in the Civil War (link)

    You don't want @Cosmos posting? Better call someone about that.
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    Ten more says.

    Ten more says and you are going to shut up and go back to your room in the mental hospital you stupid POS?
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    Only eleven days.

    I can't wait until they take you back to your room at the home. Are you going to make an ass of yourself for the next 11 days? No one gives a F*** about any of your stupid bullshit.
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    Oops there it is! Biden endorses slave reparations (link)

    NiceYob? Same old macdad no matter how many d's . I missed you.
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    Curious...isn't this going to "kill people"?

    When calling someone else an idiot it would be a good idea to proof read your post. Are you dyslexic, illiterate, stupid or what?
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    Only 12 more days.

    That is why you disappear? You can only take your exhibitions in small doses? Do you hibernate and sleep in between so as not to offend yourself?