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    Hunter Biden

    And can't forget Corrupt Jullie and his pals ?
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    Hunter Biden

    Golden showers , anybody ? That's Filthys thing now !
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    GE to exit coal business

    Just another Filthy Don head fake.
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    Louisville about to burn

    Its not Biden voters shooting blacks, but its Filthy Dons AG thays has hands off cops that are doing it, WAKE UP!!!
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    Louisville about to burn

    You mean a half assed AG, who only gave a half assed statement, what a joke !
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    cnn Caught Placing Biden Campaign Volunteers in ‘Neutral’ Audience at Town Hall (cnn is truly pathetic)

    So its the same as Filthy Dons campaign, invites ONLY !!!
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    Which jail is HRC in WeR ?
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    Filthy Don does.
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    IMPEACHED, and has a date with SDNY ..
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    IMPEACHED !!!!
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    Filthy Don is !!!
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    Louisville about to burn

    Get it right, nobody knocked on any door !!!
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    Louisville about to burn

    I'm not the the shooting blacks and then planting evidence against the victim . 16 shots, wtf, sounds like a shooting range. No body cameras !!!!!
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    Bloomberg Mobilizing the Democrat Base!

    Whoa, Are you forgetting the citizens voted for this ,over 60%? Then the stink'n state cons went against the citizens vote.
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    Mail-in ballot scam may backfire

    They see my ID when i register, thats enough.
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    Louisville about to burn

    Why should Louisville be any different ? Everyone knows its open season on Blacks in every city, even if your in your own bed, oh well. Be glad you're not Black.
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    It’s Official: Trump Unleashed A Middle-Class Boom That Benefited Women, Minorities Most

    Filthy is DOA, with the gals knoxy, they hate him .
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    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    An eye for an eye, Shoot his ass.
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    Trumpers, your boy Lindsey is looking vulnerable in South Carolina

    Leningrad is really a ray of sunshine for the...Dems