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  1. YogiMan71

    Another Tomlin coached team playing DOWN to the level of their competition.

    And the Steeler will be 3-0 after they beat Houston
  2. YogiMan71

    Do you wear a watch?

    Wear my Apple watch, love all the features for workouts, swimming, heart rate etc. I am 71. I can also take calls on it.
  3. YogiMan71

    The Social Dilemma on Netflix should be required viewing for all human beings

    I have used Nord VPN at home and in Europe for the last 3 years and it is very good at keeping your information encrypted and private. One of the first things I noticed was I wasn’t getting annoying ads for products or services because I had searched for a similar product. If you are concerned...
  4. YogiMan71

    S-T-E-E-L-E-R-S Here we go STEELERS here we go! Steelers vs. N.Y. Giants game thread Monday night!

    yeah somebody was dissing he Steelers Defense on here last week. Haha D is looking like one of the top 5 in the league !
  5. YogiMan71

    Football changing logo to Pot Leaf

    Obviously some use is for relaxation and recreation some use may be for sleep aid or pain relief.Hopefully it wont be long before PA. NY, NJ, and Ohio make it legal. There will most likely be a 21 year old age limit though.
  6. YogiMan71

    What is going horribly wrong at PSU - free fall in academic rankings

    yes, my sons friend is paying out of state tuition for staying home in Colorado and taking courses for PSU online. My son decided to go to CU Boulder since it is half the cost of Penn State and their aerospace engineering school is highly ranked. Colorado has a lot of major aerospace contractors...
  7. YogiMan71

    So, who do you root for this season?

    Steelers for as long as the NFL lasts. College is out since we are not playing. i give the other conferences 5-6 weeks before postponements, cancellations, quarantines, and drop outs end the season.
  8. YogiMan71

    SEC schools to have fans

    Slow learners down south. Their season may make it 5-6 weeks before the amount of postponed and cancelled games make them realize their experiment is over. More starting players will get quarantined or drop out. It is just a matter of time.
  9. YogiMan71

    Rooting against Saquon

    Défense over rated ? GTFO
  10. YogiMan71

    Why oh why is it snowing in Wyoming now? Who else got snow?

    Getting a dusting in Castle Pines, sticking to grass only since it was 90 yesterday
  11. YogiMan71

    OT: "Tombstone" trivia

    I have quoted that one for years.
  12. YogiMan71

    Are grill covers worth it?

    I use mine all year and it helps prevent weather related wear and tear especially in the winter months.
  13. YogiMan71

    OT: Ex employer keeps calling me

    block their number or get a new one
  14. YogiMan71

    Tesla - exited short sale

    I haven’t been in Tesla but am considering taking some profit and playing with house money with ATVI, NVDA, CRWD, SWKS. Holding on to PANW and AAPL.
  15. YogiMan71

    Univ. of Alabama with 1200 positive cases.

    How many board members believe the 3 remaining conferences will be able to complete all their currently scheduled games for the entire season ? If it isn’t 100% how legitimate would any conference or national Championship really be ? I will be surprised if all 3 conferences have a complete...
  16. YogiMan71

    Suggestions for Breckenridge...

    A ski in out would be fine since you can take shuttles or the gondolas down the hill and the town is right by the gondola and parking lots.
  17. YogiMan71

    Open your eyes Penn State. Open your eyes Penn State alums.

    A Pitt alum shouldn’t chide anyone. They won’t even have football there in 10 years.
  18. YogiMan71

    Wearing a mask while hiking

    I have 2 Huskies I take to our 17 acre nearby dog park every day and do 3 laps around it. No one wears a mask but it is a wide open area and easy to stay away from each other. I stay 30-40 feet away from everyone. If I see someone coming close I quickly walk a good 20 feet or so away. If I go...
  19. YogiMan71

    Best hot sauce?

    I still like Frank's