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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    By thoroughly corrupt Schiff and Pelosi. Who cares.
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    Hunter Biden

    Do you believe what Biden says? Do you believe the Washington Post and NYTs? Do you believe that the Mueller lawyers "accidentally" erased their phones?
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    Hunter Biden

    It was a lot sharper when all of this was going on.
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    Brett Kavanaugh Emerges as Unlikely Liberal Hope for Court Swing Vote

    Haven't followed this case closely. New administration could probably withdraw from the suit, but it is almost certain that there are other parties on the same side as Trump administration (like some states and private insurers and companies) and they would object to "pulling" (dismissal) of...
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    Hunter Biden

    Sure, absolutely nothing to be concerned about when the son of a vice president receives millions of dollars from the wife of a Moscow mayor. Biden and no one in the Obama administration had zero knowledge of millions of dollars going from Moscow to Hunter Biden.
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    Feel Good Story About Dumb*ss Hating Leftie Being Stupid and Paying for it at Same time

    "Woman had a TDS meltdown over a MAGA street corner rally then proceeded to hit the vehicle in front of her while police were behind her"
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    Sure, wire transfer of millions of dollars was entirely innocent and Hunter received it solely based on the merits of work he actually did and that it had no connection with trying to influence Joe and Obama. (sarc)
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    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    Leftie, lying press makes up stories about Putin to prevent investigation into obvious Hunter Biden corruption (making $80,000 per mo. for doing absolutely nothing for Burisma), which Joe had to be aware of because of hundreds of foreign trips they took together. Just pathetic how Lefties...
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    Hunter Biden

    As if Joe had absolutely no knowledge of what was going on.
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    Why did Dems pick Biden

    Incidentally, he lied stating that Trump hadn't requested names of Sup Ct. nominees until Ginsburg died when in fact Trump did so several times before her death.
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    Alyssa Milano- defund the police, ACAB, wait a gunman on my property

    Like a typical lefty, unfortunately, she will probably be too stupid to learn from her experience.
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    Justice Harold Burton Was Approved for Supreme Court vacancy in one day in 1945

    There is no requirement that there even be hearings. Justice Harold Burton was appointed in one day. Should add that he was a Republican Senator appointed by a Dem President in a world of much different congressional and supreme court politics.
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    Might be time to slow the roll on ACB

    They permitted Russiagate to go on for nearly 2 years when evidence of total falsity of claims was in FBI files of which Rosenstein had complete access. So, yes it is possible that Supreme Court Justice will not be meticulously vetted. Rosenstein was so bad that he even signed off on...
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    Might be time to slow the roll on ACB

    Barnes is a legitimate commentator and I respect his views. I would go slow on ACB. you can find good conservative judges who protect the rights of criminal defendants and other small people such as small landowners. There are some judges who instinctively side with bigness or the most powerful...
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    I thought for sure he would go the other way. Gives me a little bit of respect for him.
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    The ultimate Trump voter.

    As is normal with Lefties this is a hilariously wonderful post dealing with projection. Biden has the math ability of a 3rd grader. For instance, he once said he would help employ 720 million American women. This shows that he doesn't know how many people live in the US and that for instance...
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    Pelosi won't rule out 2nd Impeachment

    Maybe she can top herself and do five more.
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    So much for Ted Cruz's 4-4 decisions argument... (link)

    Whatever you want to label the cases, the high profile cases are quite often seem to attract more close votes.