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    Report: Micah Parsons opting out of 2020 season

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    Lost my daughter on Friday.

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    Maxwell ?

    Because she innocent, you didn't hear?
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    FC: Ivy League to vote this week on moving football to the spring

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    OT: My gym has reopened.

    Or licks the toilets?
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    OT: Battery Operated Lawn Mower?

    They don't work as well. My neighbor has one, Greenworks I think, and it leaves some of the blades uncut. When we cut at the same time you can tell the difference.
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    First time at Sheetz

    I won't step foot in Shitts .... their quality is poor. Wawa you can at least get it down.
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    Yup, that's the best stuff. What most people don't know is that they use that to keep ants and other insects out of your house as well. That's why they have specials with termite treatments like insect control treatment for free. They are already putting it down.
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    Another PR blunder by psu

    And he'll get it if he keeps it up!
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    35 and just started dating-what do you think?

    With your finger ...
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    So has anyone taken a flight since lockdown?

    Yup, March 10th they told me no more flying and haven't been since but August I'll be back on at the latest. Wife is allowed to fly to Georgia and Florida June 13th. I may join her?
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    Of all the D1 schools only about 10-12

    Notre Dame hasn't had a chance in years .....
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    What's everyone doing for vacation this summer?

    Beach Now through Labor Day then Turkey and Prague .... unless I can't get there?
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    Where did your girl go to college?

    ex-1 Penn State, ex-2 Mississippi, current girlfriend Penn State .......
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    If you have $6.5 million you can buy Matthew Stafford's house in Detroit. Link to pics.

    Less than that ... at this point I think the City of Detroit would pay you to take it.
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    Band you can't stand

    Yup, he screens his songs. Sounds horrible.