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  1. pawrestlersintn

    Louisville about to burn

    Are you being paid to be this dumb, or are you doing it for free?
  2. pawrestlersintn

    NBA to Honor RBG
  3. pawrestlersintn

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    Really? Here's a story about a guy dying after being hit by a skateboard...
  4. pawrestlersintn

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    I will stand up and defend ANYONE in this situation, black, white, purple or polka- dotted.
  5. pawrestlersintn

    Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!

    I'm glad you concur.
  6. pawrestlersintn

    Bloomberg Mobilizing the Democrat Base!

    He didn't do such a hot job mobilizing them when he was a candidate.
  7. pawrestlersintn

    Democrats UNHINGED Reaction to Supreme Court Opening

    Sammy's thirst for black baby blood is sickening.
  8. pawrestlersintn

    Alyssa Milano- defund the police, ACAB, wait a gunman on my property

    She looks like she has been caking makeup on to hide all of the crying she's been doing since 2016.
  9. pawrestlersintn

    I Just Lied

    Nope. You're just gonna have to guess.
  10. pawrestlersintn

    CNN's Don Lemon wants civil war (link)

    But, I thought you liked socialism.
  11. pawrestlersintn

    I Just Lied

    I just got a text from a political research company, asking who I am supporting for President. All kinds of left wing whacko stuff on their website. I told them Biden.
  12. pawrestlersintn

    SIAP: Show Us Your Systemic Racism, Princeton

    Penn State Medical might want to be careful.
  13. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    I'll take the one with better coaching.
  14. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    Okay, Karen. 😁 You make some good points, but I think most of the naysayers in the past have been because of poor streaming performance, deceptive marketing of the "monthly" fee, and poor customer service, not due to content. Now, you can add in the Willie lawsuit, with the past issues, and...
  15. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    Does Byers not have Twitter?
  16. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    While DT does exhibit class, the chandeliers aren't his. I thought the event was at M2, was mistaken, and failed to correct myself, as someone else already did earlier in the thread. Oops.
  17. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    Great event. Stream was good, commentary was good, wrestling was good.
  18. pawrestlersintn

    Wrestling Season

    The ref at tonight's NLWC event is wearing a faceshield, which makes his whistling just fine.
  19. pawrestlersintn

    NLWC on Rofkin

    Wait, what's this? Thomas Gilman in an NLWC uniform? 😃