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  1. bwifan

    OT - whole house generator

    I did the same... I went with the larger generator since it was about a $1,000 difference ... for me and you seem the same way I wanted the whole house to be able to be used with the generator. I agree as I get older I like my comforts. So I wanted the AC/Dryer/Oven/Pool filter etc all to be...
  2. bwifan

    What's Micah contemplating with this Tweet?

    CJF said he was going to talk to him about returning... we all know he can be persuasive. Micah has some big decisions and won't be easy either way. Selfish reasons I would love to see him suit in the blue and white 1 more season. Totally understand if he doesn't want to risk injury and provide...
  3. bwifan

    OT - whole house generator

    Been without power for 2 weeks here in FL... friends have been without power for more than 3 weeks... Ever see what a pool looks like down here when the filter doesn't run? A nice 90 degree house with high humidity is a breeding ground for black mold. What if someone you know needs electricity...
  4. bwifan

    How many SB did Tiki Barber win with the Giants?

    Tiki wasn't an every down back because he fumbled non stop. Could not have him in at the end of games to run out the clock because he would always fumble.
  5. bwifan

    OT - whole house generator

    Good point... I went for a 2nd quote here in FL just for fun and no one even called back. I called places 4-5 times to get a quote and never heard back. Saw a crew in the neighborhood installing last week a generator my neighbor ordered in March... Stopped to talk to the crew they said it's...
  6. bwifan

    FC: barren explains decision to resume fall sports.

    If you are referring to me no I have no one on ignore... 🤷‍♀️
  7. bwifan

    OT - whole house generator

    Keep in mind they would like to install the generator near where your power comes into the house, if you are going to use a ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch). There also is zoning set back requirements because of the exhaust they need to be a certain amount of feet away from operable windows. So...
  8. bwifan

    OT - whole house generator

    I am in the middle of putting a whole house stand by generator in right now... Several things for me I would suggest ... First cost works out and usually is correct that whatever you pay for your generator alone then double that number and that will be your all in cost. So if you pay $7,000 for...
  9. bwifan

    Did they really just reinstate football only?

    From our fearless leader... explaining on why he voted to restart fall sports although have no idea to him what "fall sports" means... For these reasons, I voted to resume fall sports, beginning on Oct. 23 for football. This date ensures that we have as full a season as possible based on the...
  10. bwifan

    Can Micah opt back in?

    Believe I saw that a relative said he cannot opt back in.... meaning he has an agent, they didn't specifically say he had an agent but they did say opting back in was not an option for him. I have no idea since it's 2020 that if he petitioned the ncaa to opt back in because of the crazy...
  11. bwifan

    Announcement today - season is a go!!!

    Meanwhile that clown Des Ho has yet to speak a word about his former coach who knew about the sexual assaults yet did nothing....
  12. bwifan

    OT: Looks like Gulf area gonna get hammered again...

    36+ inches of rain in places being reported.... catastrophic flooding. Unreal the video of the flooding and the bridge collapse. Heartbreaking to see ....
  13. bwifan

    NFL tv ratings took a massive hit... what do you do if you are owners to try and increase ratings?

    Yup... the NFL keeps a very tight lid on streaming numbers. Going to be almost impossible to get true numbers
  14. bwifan

    NFL tv ratings took a massive hit... what do you do if you are owners to try and increase ratings?
  15. bwifan

    NFL tv ratings took a massive hit... what do you do if you are owners to try and increase ratings?

    Right now there about 30 new thread titles for this OP LOL... 🤷‍♀️
  16. bwifan

    Schedule will be 8+1

    I agree totally.... to me the teams have been practicing and I see zero sense in starting the 24th over the 17th. That week would give them wiggle room, it does give the optics of the big 10 heads really don't want to play this season and would like to shut this all down before the season even...
  17. bwifan

    Schedule will be 8+1

    My guess is they are putting all their eggs in the basket of the rapid test and being able to ward off a breakout by getting on top of it before exposing a large group of teammates