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    Bob Gore (Gore-Tex) has passed!

    Damn, you beat me to it. If I had just posted the clip instead of watching it first I could have beat you.
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    Bob Gore (Gore-Tex) has passed!

    George Costanza is not pleased.
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    Good column by Matt Taibbi about the media and how it stokes division

    I pay $5 per month for Matt Taibbi's content but I figure posting this here isn't wrong because it's like an advertisement for him. And also it says this comes from a speech he gave at Penn State recently so I figure it's relevant. Matt Taibbi is a writer that worked at Rolling Stone (maybe...
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    Anyone here drive with two feet?

    I use the right foot for the gas and brake and I don't use the left foot. And I heard someone saying that they use both feet, with the left over the brake and the right over the gas, and thus their reaction time when they need to hit the brakes is shorter. This seems so obvious that it makes...
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    Nepotism in sports broadcasting

    The ironic thing about nepotism being a thing in sports broadcasting is that the nature of sports is such that nepotism can't be a thing in sports itself because it is entirely merit based.
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    The Social Dilemma on Netflix should be required viewing for all human beings

    I don't know what instigated the movie but the first I heard in depth on the topic was in April 2017 (which pre-dates Haidt's book) when Tristan Harris (who is featured prominently "The Social Dilemma") was interviewed on Sam Harris's podcast. (The two Harrises are not related BTW.) I had...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. RIP

    No disrespect to RBG but IMO it's silly that it's a lifetime appointment and as a result some say on as long as they can. Make it 25 years. That's enough for anyone. And while you're at it, put the same limit on the amount of time people can be in Congress.
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    WeekEND! Juke box conflicted??....

    I've never heard that one from BOC but here's an album cut of theirs I like and haven't heard for a long time.
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    WeekEND! Juke box conflicted??....

    They recently released a cover of The Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby." It's pretty good but I like The Beach Boys version better, but people can judge for themselves.
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    Antifa cowards pick on wrong guy.

    That looks staged to me.
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    The Social Dilemma on Netflix should be required viewing for all human beings

    I read someone say once that the death of TV news began with the 24 news network CNN, which isn't a commentary on CNN per se but rather on the idea of broadcasting "news" 24 hours a day. When you have that much time to fill you start coming up with junk to fill the time and eventually coming up...
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    The Social Dilemma on Netflix should be required viewing for all human beings

    I got rid of cable in 2015, just using Sling for football season but watching pretty much nothing on it but football. Then in the fall of 2016 I got cable back, figuring I could use it to watch both football and cable news election coverage. I was shocked at how bad cable news was. Once you...
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    Satire site Babylon Bee tweets fake CNN headline, 15 mins later CNN tweets basically the same headline

    This is classic. The Babylon Bee tweets ridiculous stories on purpose. They tweeted one pretending to be from CNN (an obviously fake story from CNN, the point of which is that CNN tweets ridiculous stuff). 15 minutes later CNN made a real tweet that was essentially the same as the Babylon...
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    OT: Depressing news on knowledge of the Holocaust

    And however many know about the Holocaust, I bet fewer know about the Stalin and Mao's purges. Hitler gets all the publicity but he was only #3 on Death Total Score.
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    Midweek juke box? Who you got? I’ll start.

    I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing 'til they got ahold of me.
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    Interesting discussion with a school librarian

    That sounds like the best argument ever for e-books.
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    Enjoy College Football this Sat. turn off the sound

    I agree completely. Their pre-planned bits are relentless and mostly awful. And they plan them for after "the next play" whether the next play is a boring 2 yard off tackle or an interesting play. What really gets me is when there is a game on ESPN and another game on ESPN2 and you're...
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    NFL Thursday Night Football (Texans vs. Chiefs). Are you watching??

    I had no idea about that but I Wiki-ed it and yes, Mike Connors attended UCLA on a basketball scholarship and GI Bill after WW II. Great call.