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    2020 Phillies Thread

    Another lost season for the Phils. Amongst the many stupid decisions for this regime, start with hiring Klentak. Now just look at this season, why would you challenge JT in an arbitration hearing and then beat him. Tell me there is no ill will. Next, tell me any trade Klentak has won. Saw...
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    be all end all, ending sentences with a prepositions, is it allowed?

    Sir Winston, when one of his speeches was edited said "this is a change up with which I shall not put".
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    Another teleprompter for ol’ Joe.

    Maybe just send Joe to NYC to be mayor, that's a sleepy, do nothing, destroy democracy job.
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    Biden should list his own possible SC picks/pick.

    Saw one report he might choose Stacy Abrams, she still hasn't conceded. Don't know if she is an attorney or ever been a judge. Did see two other names mentioned. never heard of either, Obama tried to get one appointed to a higher court, McConnell blocked. This is the first time I have come to...
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    RINO Mitt is on board

    Prefer to see the female judge from FL as the choice and then would enjoy watching and listening to the Dems and the MSM try to bash her.
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    Pelosi interview sunday

    Isn't that his job, provide money and jobs for his State, unlike Nancy who lets her area rot and spends money on fancy freezers,
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    Pelosi interview sunday

    What was the song Evil Woman, all she cares about is keeping her seat as Speaker of the House and its perks; oh, and her fancy ice cream and mask less hair appointments that no one else can have. Spend your time cleaning SF, was a beautiful city, i know we have no interest in returning whenever...
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    La Shana Tova Board. May Love and Light guide you in this new year.

    Thanks, that's a beautiful thought. It is a Happy Day for us though. Daughter's one year anniversary today. She's a Medical Professional and could not take the time to honeymoon last year, even before Covid. With Covid cases down, she now has time and I have arranged a honeymoon trip for them.
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    Oops there it is! Biden endorses slave reparations (link)

    If you give them money then buy KFC stock
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    La Shana Tova Board. May Love and Light guide you in this new year.

    Thanks, somewhat of a sad time for me as my Mom always reminded me, now my daughter handles the task.
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    OSU is back to full strength

    Per article, Wade did speak with an agent, claims he never signed, how does that compare with Parsons?
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    Good Lord - "Doctor" Jill Biden (phd in extramarital sex, I think) held a Biden Car Parade

    Interesting comment and I hope true, but I think Obama is running the show. Trump dared Biden to list Biden's Supreme Court nominees, dangerous dare on Trump's part. If Biden suggest he intends to nominate Obama for SCOTUS that will gain lots of Biden votes. Trump should try to force Biden to...
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    Dems losing Hispanic and gay vote.

    How about getting dead people off the voter roles, advantage Dems!!
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    Dems losing Hispanic and gay vote.

    Not sure if I agree with your comments. respect them though. Seniors are most concerned with Social Security and Medicare. Dems talk about Health Care for all, definitely diminishes care to the elderly. Dems mention means testing, meaning if you worked all your life and saved for retirement...
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    2020 Phillies Thread

    Note about Sixto, he looked good but faced a lineup without Hoskins and JT. Both players work counts and potentially stress pitchers. Even though it was a 7 inning game, both players hit at the top of the order. Meaning roughly 4 more bats apiece at an average of 3 - 5 pitches per at bat...
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    Two Cops Ambushed in Los Angeles and in Critical Condition. "Protesters" block entrance to emergency room

    Noticed there is a $100, 000 reward for the shooter (s). Also noticed Bloomberg, 100 Million to defeat Trump in FL and the Dems and Hollywood "elites" donating bail $$$ for the rioters, looters and arsonists. How about some of that money as a reward to apprehend and convict the attempted assassin.
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    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

    Gets great press in Philly but he is overrated.
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    Florida St 13. Georgia Tech 16. Final.

    Love to see FSU lose, Norvell came to the state, I live here, and talked like he invented the game, tough guy. Now, if we can't have Redskins, why are they the Seminoles?