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    Hunter Biden

    That’s the rub. You guys claim to be all high and holy, now when we have actual evidence of dem familial money laundering in exchange for political favors, from RUSSIA! of all places, you’re only answer is whataboutism and Putin flipping houses. At least you didn’t use Chinese shoe patents for...
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    Hunter Biden’s just all a coincidence. The firm that the coke addict co-founded got paid as part of this “consortium”, but Baby Biden didnt. Gosh, that explains it all. So, what were the goods and services supplied for said Russian payment to this consortium? And why did Hunter pay others...
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    Hunter Biden

    So a company founded by Baby Biden and Kerry’s kid got money from Russia, for what exactly? What was this “financial relationship”? What goods or services were exchanged?
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    Hunter Biden

    Hunter got millions from the Moscow mayor and laundered it into paying for hookers? Im sure there’s footage. The Russkies are smart like that. Let’s pay for a fake dossier and present to a FISA court to spy on the Biden campaign. That’s how this works, right? And, these Russian and Chinese...
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    Another teleprompter for ol’ Joe.

    A seeming innocuous interview, apparently all staged, he’s reading answers from the teleprompter and still can’t keep it together. Yikes.
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    Amy Comey Barrett nomination WILL lead to Triumphant Trump in November

    Ask Claire McCaskill about “what women think”. She voted against Kavanaugh, and white women in Missouri voted for her male opponent by a half dozen points.
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    Pelosi won't rule out 2nd Impeachment

    We literally came back from a civil war where 600K Americans killed each other. That was 2% of the population, or in current numbers, the entire population of the state of Maryland dead. We’ll survive some squirrely anarchist baristas armed with molotov’s and black umbrellas, and a president...
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    Looks like Cory Gardner is on board

    Too early. This will all depends on who the woman gang raped in high school or if she likes beer.
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    Trump is going to nominate

    I only collect liberal tears.
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    Trump is going to nominate

    How times change.
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    Voters should have a say in selection of a Supreme Court Justice.

    Actually, lying to a FISA court is a big deal. Don’t worry, I’m sure more to come from Durham.
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    Voters should have a say in selection of a Supreme Court Justice.

    Says an FBI agent who just pled guilty to fabricating evidence which helped launch said “Russia investigation“.
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    Voters should have a say in selection of a Supreme Court Justice.

    Evidence of wrong doing by senate dems? Lol, needing Michael Avenatti to present your case is self-explanatory. Go get em’ Ace.
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    Voters should have a say in selection of a Supreme Court Justice.

    [ You and Simplycomplicated are like the Ace & Gary of this board, so the reach-around is predictable if not a little creepy. Regardless, it’s rich of liberals to complain about “right” or “fair” when you used a guy like Michael Avenatti to try and destroy Kavanaugh. Too bad Mikey isnt around...
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    Ted Cruz on SC and election:

    😂 cc: Harry Reid He’s the only reason this is possible, because he wanted unchecked power. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.
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    Voters should have a say in selection of a Supreme Court Justice.

    As we celebrate a woman who was endlessly dedicated to political ideology, so-much-so that she refused retirement with a terminal disease when she could have chosen and secured her successor with ease, liberals don’t expect republicans to show similar conviction? Interesting take libs. Obama...
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    Trump economy roaring back. Jobless rate drops to 8.4%

    Well, that’s likely what happens when you mandate a minimum wage that is not sustainable to a changing market. First thing these blue states with double digit unemployment rates should do is eliminate mandatory minimum wage laws for a year to allow small businesses, which were decimated by...
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    My fellow Dems, do not fret! In 2016, the R senate...

    RBG could have retired during Obama’s term under a comfortable senate majority. She would have been canonized, led a very productive life of advocacy post SC, with her seat secured by a young liberal woman of her choosing. She, however, chose to gamble and await Hillary. Sometimes in gambling...