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  1. LafayetteBear

    Democrats UNHINGED Reaction to Supreme Court Opening

    Yikes. :oops: Take it up with Hermy and leave the rest of us out of it.
  2. LafayetteBear

    Democrats UNHINGED Reaction to Supreme Court Opening

    Nice. But hardly surprising.
  3. LafayetteBear

    Louisville about to burn

    No doubt. Beside myself with laughter. It's almost as funny as Myrtle Beach having a higher violent crime rate than Chicago. :cool:
  4. LafayetteBear

    CNN's Don Lemon wants civil war (link)

    Bullcrap. What it is is a historical anachronism that has lately helped white nationalist rednecks (a few of who are accountant/cryptographers) hold onto power even where they are in a clear minority of the electorate. Props, dummy.
  5. LafayetteBear

    NBA to Honor RBG

    They would need a supply of these in order to do so.
  6. LafayetteBear

    Heading to Myrtle Beach in 2 Weeks...

    Bwahahahaha! More than Chicago! Ya hear that, Raz?
  7. LafayetteBear

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    He had, and has, video all over the Web showing him sporting various firearms and spouting about how h'es gonna "handle" these "thugs." He's bringing guns and an attitude to places where citizens are already angry and protesting, and is searching for confrontation. You think that is wise...
  8. LafayetteBear

    Louisville about to burn

    Pandazapper is the dude on the left.
  9. LafayetteBear

    CNN's Don Lemon wants civil war (link)

    Our resident accountant/cryptographer is confused. His brain is addled.
  10. LafayetteBear

    Bloomberg Mobilizing the Democrat Base!

    I know, Ski; isn't it great?! Even if only half of them vote, that's roughly 14,400 more votes for Biden and roughly 800 more votes for Trump. I can live with that. :cool:
  11. LafayetteBear

    Oops there it is! Biden endorses slave reparations (link)

    Here's one of Pandazapper and his friends demonstrating their determination to stamp out looting, not to mention their mastery of the English language. You go, Pandazapper!
  12. LafayetteBear

    Bloomberg paying fines for 32,000 felons

    Love it! #WINNING!
  13. LafayetteBear

    I Just Lied

    Well, that describes pretty much ALL of flyover country. Which is when I use the bathroom when I'm on a cross country flight.
  14. LafayetteBear

    Georgia is in play

    Boo-hoo. What's your bench? :cool:
  15. LafayetteBear

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    This creep is gonna end up getting himself shot. Which will be karma. Good karma, from my perspective.
  16. LafayetteBear

    OT: Happy Belated Birthday to Bill Murray, hit the big 7-0 yesterday.

    It was his birthday, and No. 70 to boot? Well, he has THAT goin' for him. Which is nice.
  17. LafayetteBear

    Who’s racist?

    I'll bet you do. You should give Hermy a call. :cool:
  18. LafayetteBear

    Just another day in Trumpworld ...

    Liars abound there. Whaddya wanna bet that WeRnutz was reading and promoting "streiff's" line of bullshiat? Plenty of white nationalists were doing so, in any event. "The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases staffer caught spreading Covid-19 disinformation -– and trashing...