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    Louisville about to burn

    Here's the article referred to in the video above.
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    Louisville about to burn

    The cops were shot at. They returned fire. The rest is noise. Taylor died because her boyfriend shot at the door and cops defended themselves. Shooting at a closed door isn't home defense.
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    Louisville about to burn

    One of them being the former city NAACP chair! Even Taylor's own family attorney said it was justified
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    NBA to Honor RBG

    And the gullible left thought it was a true story
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    Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave" Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic is Over"

    Of course that's what it is. That's why Barron isn't closing campus.
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    Louisville about to burn

    When does the NBA boycott start?
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    Ohio State athletics projects $107 million deficit in 2021 fiscal year

    Remember, OSU was already operating in the red before covid
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    Louisville about to burn

    RIoters don't want the real story. They want the version of the story that lets them justify their rioting with their extreme wokeness.
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    OT: If Baseball is the National Pastime, what is PA's Pastime?

    I was going to say corrupt government
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    why people hate the police

    Yet there's zero occupation in the world where there aren't bad/incompetent/lazy/qualified but just had a bad day people doing that job.
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    Louisville about to burn

    The twitter reaction is predictable. Poor Breonna was peacefully sleeping when she was shot. Well, no, she was wide awake watching her boyfriend (or whatever he was) shoot blindly at the person knocking on the door.
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    Louisville about to burn

    That should still be enough for the city to burn
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    Moms wants a RV. Need some advice from RV enthusiasts.

    What about one of the newer style truck bed campers? They're pretty fancy these days including popouts, but would let you have the 4wd.
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    For those of you who insist that Europe did it right

    Especially since only 25-30% of those deaths are people who would still be alive today w/o covid
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    Louisville about to burn

    The biggest problem is even if some charges are levied against those cops, if one of them isn't murder, the city will still burn
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    Louisville about to burn

    Probably a lot of buses full of antifa people headed there right now
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    Thread on testing & treatment research for COVID-19