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  1. Air Force 1

    I Just Lied

    I have a Trump sticker on the back window of my car. I live in the sticks but commute to Baltimore everyday for work.
  2. Air Force 1

    Another teleprompter for ol’ Joe.

    He's going to get hammered by Trump in the debates. The younger generation needs to come up with a good drinking game for all his potiental screwups. Silly Joe reading is fundamental.
  3. Air Force 1

    Moms wants a RV. Need some advice from RV enthusiasts.

    Wow glad something like that didn't happen to me when I rented one for the first time for a trip to Yellowstone last year. Did a ten day trip in a 31' class C gas unlimited milage (which was nice). Had plenty of power going up the mountains and it had over 100k miles on it.
  4. Air Force 1

    Moms wants a RV. Need some advice from RV enthusiasts.

    I’ve been coming up to speed on the RV market also. Know what you want out of it. A must for me would be an outside kitchen and for the wife it’s bunk beds (That convert to a closet) to take the grandkids places. The more slide outs the better so you have more room if you’re stuck inside on bad...
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    Pelosi interview sunday

    Her brain was frozen much like her face! Yikes.
  6. Air Force 1

    QAnon - PAIN Is Coming!

    The United States Air Force bringing the pain!
  7. Air Force 1

    Trump economy roaring back. Jobless rate drops to 8.4%

    Because it’s all about politics and NOT about the American citizens to the Dems. I know you/we all know that anyways.
  8. Air Force 1

    My fellow Dems, do not fret! In 2016, the R senate...

    It’s a moot point Trump will win and in the end after his re-election he will nominate a new Judge.
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    Happy Birthday

    United States Air Force!
  10. Air Force 1

    I'm an idiot

    And yet here we are. Vic will never learn.
  11. Air Force 1

    Damn, white people have sunk to a new low...

    Oh I own my dog until she starts paying her own way around the house that b**ch is mine. JK don’t want you liberals to think I’m serious and set my house on fire.
  12. Air Force 1

    WINNING: Trump brings back Big 10 football

    I don't always defend what people say but I'll defend their right to say it.
  13. Air Force 1

    WINNING: Trump brings back Big 10 football

    I'll defend your right to say that.
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    You leftists owe the rest of us money. Pay up!!!

    And I'm sure lefties will file a claim their (Insert fake item here) was damaged by rioters and scam more money out of hard working Americans.
  15. Air Force 1

    Biden Escaped

    Does the age difference comply with the new laws in California???
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    OT: Yuengling announces major expansion west.... Teams up with Molson

    Now off we can only get Henry Weinhard's Private Reserved shipped East, then it would be a fair trade.
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    Who has the most guns per 1000 residents?

    #1 It's Wyoming with 195.7/1000 #2 shocking DC with 66.4/1000 Maryland and Pennsylvania tied at #11 with 15/1000...
  18. Air Force 1

    So when is Creepy Joes next basement rally?

    So what what country are you from? Obviously not America.