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  1. I am Ironman

    Georgia is in play

    Every state is in play when you plan on stealing the election.
  2. I am Ironman

    Kyle Rittenhouse may walk.............

    Oh my he should absolutely walk. Poor kid is a political prisoner.
  3. I am Ironman

    CDC says that covid is airborne. This news comes in September. Guess trump was wrong in feb and Woodward was wrong for not checking with a scientific

    It amazes me how many people are in the "Masks Forever" camp. I actually know people that would not mind if the country were mandated to wear masks all the time everywhere permanently. They think it makes them invincible. It's disturbing to see so many people succumb to the fear and panic.
  4. I am Ironman

    Another Showbiz Pedo busted. Kamala is proud of him though.
  5. I am Ironman

    NY Times: U.S. Poverty Hit a Record Low Before the Pandemic Recession

    Fauci kills... almost one million. Are you proud of your lord, god, and savior Fauci? He worked closely with the people that unleashed this beast.
  6. I am Ironman

    The latest on the Big Ten's return

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  7. I am Ironman

    Gov Wolf's Restrictions on Gathering Size Ruled Unconstitutional

    It's all falling apart for Wolf and his creepy sidekick. They had to know this garbage was going to end sooner or later. This is just the beginning.
  8. I am Ironman

    Drug companies say they will have vaccine in October. Wahoo.

    Don't worry, he'll change that to 2022.
  9. I am Ironman

    Couple of morning news items

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  10. I am Ironman

    Biden using teleprompter to answer questions

    He knows the questions and answers but he still fux it up. This is getting worse by the second for creepy, racist Joe.
  11. I am Ironman

    So the Chinese virus appears to be man made...........

    With an assist from Fauci. Lock him up now!
  12. I am Ironman

    Why is Biden in walking through big crowds at the WTC

    He has no idea where he's at. His handlers told him that he is at Disney World.
  13. I am Ironman

    Story: Franklin, Day united in criticism of Big Ten decision-making and communication

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  14. I am Ironman

    Cuomo Admits There Are Tons of Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him

    Of all the CNN jerkoffs this guy is the worst. It's stunning that any network would employ this clown.
  15. I am Ironman

    Trump can’t win without Russia.

    Trump doesn't need Russia to beat Creepy, Weirdo Joe.
  16. I am Ironman

    Rhode Island gov insists lockdowns will stay until there's a vaccine

    If these evil people have their way, we will probably live this way forever. Even when a vaccine gets here they'll find other reasons to keep things shut.
  17. I am Ironman

    The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

    The worthless lockdown strategy is the biggest crime in American history. It should not go unpunished and that day of reckoning is coming.
  18. I am Ironman

    Is a Civil War about to start?

    This is what we're up against boys.